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Is Your Instagram Not Posting? (9 Reasons Why And Fixes)

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How frustrating is it when you go to post your awesome content only to find that Instagram is not posting? Like when you’ve got the perfect shot waiting and you’ve picked the best time to post it, but you upload the post and it just says ‘Loading’ or ‘Try Again Later’ or some other pesky instruction.

Well, if this is happening to you right now, don’t worry! This is more common than you’d think and we’ve got a couple of suggestions for how to deal with Instagram not posting your content. 

Below, we’ll look at the reasons behind Instagram not posting and share the best ways to troubleshoot each problem.

9 Reasons For Instagram Not Posting (Plus Fixes)

Here are some of the common reasons we’ve found that result in Instagram not posting sometimes.

1. Poor internet connection

There’s really not much you can do on the app without an internet connection and you certainly can’t post anything. If you have a poor or no internet connection, your posts won’t upload to the app. 

To see if your internet is the problem, try and refresh your feed. This is the first thing you should try if you find Instagram not posting. If your feed doesn’t refresh, then it’s likely your connection that’s causing the problem. 

To deal with the issue, check the strength of your Wifi. Switch your mobile data on and off. Or, switch to airplane mode and back again.

2. Temporary software problem

With any app or device, we have to expect a general glitch every now and then. In that case, you can try the classic troubleshooting method of closing the app and opening it again. Or, restart your device completely to see if that does the trick. 

Sometimes, technology just needs a quick reboot to get it back on track.

3. Outdated app

Another app issue could be that your Instagram is outdated or needs another kind of refresh. 

So, you can either delete and redownload the app or you can check in the App Store or Play Store to see if there’s an update available to download. 

4. Too large file sizes

As with all other social media platforms, IG has file size limits. Sometimes, when you upload images or videos from your gallery, the file size may be too large to post. This is one of the main reasons for Instagram not posting that most people overlook.

If your file is in HD or 4K, your posts may take longer to upload or they may not post at all. So, the best thing to do is to reduce image file sizes to the IG maximum of 1936 x 1936 pixels. Videos should be a maximum of 1080 pixels and 60 seconds long for feed posts.

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5. Full device storage

Of course, apps run more effectively when your device has space. When your device storage is too full and can’t store any more data, it can result in Instagram not posting issues so you’ll need to clear out some space. 

6. Cache problems

Another common problem that can lead to Instagram not posting is when there is an issue with the app’s cache memory. So, a quick fix is to clear the cache.

For iPhones, go to your device settings. Go to ‘General’ and select ‘iPhone Storage’. Find ‘Instagram’ on the list, click on it, and ‘Offload App’. This will free the storage used by Instagram but keep data and documents.

Android users should also go to settings. Choose ‘Apps’, ‘Manage Apps’, and click on ‘Instagram’. At the bottom, choose ‘Clear Data’ or ‘Clear Cache’.

7. Restricted content

As most people know, Instagram can be very strict with the content allowed on their platform. They have policies and user rules that they enforce pretty firmly. When you don’t follow them, it can lead to your account getting shut down or banned. There’s even the subtle punishment of shadowbanning – like an Instagram ghosting of sorts!

IG’s bots can detect some content that violates the company rules and community guidelines. If the bots find that your post is in violation (contains nudity, for example), it may flag your account and leave you temporarily suspended. During the suspension, your Instagram will refuse to post anything.

The bots may even prevent an in-violation post from going up immediately. This is not common but, after all, IG has the power!

To see if you’ve been temporarily banned or restricted, try posting from another device. If you still can’t post content, then it’s likely your account has been restricted and you’ll need to wait it out and make sure you follow Instagram guidelines in any future IG activity. 

8. The app’s data access

The Instagram app can use up a lot of your data with all the visuals it loads. But, if it’s not loading properly and you’re struggling to post, then there might be a data limit in place that’s causing the problem. 

To make sure that the app has enough data to post your content, turn off Data Saver mode in your device settings. 

You can also switch off Data Saver mode in the app itself. Click on the hamburger menu from your profile. Select ‘Account’ and then ‘Cellular Data Use’. Switch the toggle off on the Data Saver or Use Less Data option.

9. Instagram Itself Is Experiencing Problems

Lastly, sometimes it’s not you, it’s just the ‘Gram. It happens, you know. Servers, software issues, databases, etc. Social media platforms may go offline now and again so you could find that it isn’t even something you can fix. 

In that case, you’ll just have to wait it out until IG gets it sorted on their side.

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Go On, Test Them Out!

The next time you find your Instagram not posting, you don’t have to scratch your head trying to find the reason. 

Just check out this list again to see if any of the reasons above match your problem. When you find one that does, try the solutions we’ve suggested. Then you’ll be back to posting in no time!

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