Everybody knows about Instagram stickers and filters, how to send DMs, and post stories… But how much do you know about Instagram Nametags? 

There are few things more exciting than meeting some super cool people you’d like to stay in touch with. With all the social media apps, this happens online as much as it does in real life. Even more with the distance forced on us by 2020. On the rare occasions that we do meet, Instagram has a snappy way to keep connected and get new followers. 

Bonus: it’s completely touchless. No need to swap phones to type handles or peek shoulders to check the spelling. Yes, Instagram Nametags were ahead of the COVID-19 game and it’s time to learn how to use them.  

What Are Instagram Nametags?

If you know the Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter QR codes – or if you remember the golden oldie days of BBM barcodes – you’ll already get the gist of this Instagram feature. You probably imagined the kind of tags worn at school conferences, scribbled with a marker. Nope, Instagram Nametags are too cool for school! 

Nametags are images that a person can scan to follow someone instantly. Although the function of the Nametag is the same as Snapcodes and QR codes, Instagram has made scanning cool and personalized. You can customize your scan image to make it as awesome and unique as you are, and we’re going to tell you how.

Finding And Customizing Your Instagram Nametag

Now, many people might not actually know that Nametags exist. If you’re one of those people, you won’t believe that the Nametag icon has been right in front of your eyes since Instagram launched the feature in 2018! 

So if you have no clue what you’ve been reading about so far, have no fear. We’re going to show you exactly how to find and personalize your tag.

Where is it?

To find your Nametag, open your profile page. Open the tab with the three horizontal lines in the corner. Select the “QR Code” or “Nametag” option. If this is your first time opening your tag, Instagram will give you some basic startup instructions before you see your default Nametag.

To follow somebody new, they can scan your screen. Or, you can select “Scan A Name Tag” at the bottom of the screen. This will activate your camera and you will just need to hover your phone over your new follower’s screen. You can also upload a saved Nametag from your gallery by tapping the square in your right-hand corner.

Get creative

Now that you know where to find the Instagram Nametag, you can make it fit your style or create something trendy for your brand. 

You can decide whether you’d like a color gradient, emoji, or selfie as your background by clicking on the color button at the top of your screen. Move between different color or emoji options (whichever you choose) by tapping on the background. 

Remember though, you can only shake up your tag look on the app. The customization doesn’t work on the browser.

How To Use Nametags For Marketing

As with every Instagram feature, Nametags can spice up your marketing campaign. You now know how to find them, so how about you start using them to your advantage? Of course, you can go as crazy and innovative as you’d like. To get the ball rolling, here are some smart tricks for your business or brand. 

All over your socials

You can literally put your Nametag anywhere. Share your nametag with the outgoing icon in the corner of your tag screen. Your social media options will pop up and you can choose the one to share to. 

The better option: save the nametag to your gallery and upload it whenever you want. Just like any other picture. Set it as your profile picture, Twitter header, whatever suits you.

All digital spaces

You’re not just forced to stay on your social media pages. Expand the reach of your Instagram Nametag by using it on all your digital marketing platforms

If you have ads on public screens, add your nametag and a call to action to scan. Use it as an image on your email signature. Insert it with the social media links on your blog (or as your blog icon). 

Wherever you can put it, we recommend that you do so that people can easily find your profile and connect with your brand. 

Let’s get physical

A coffee cup, a poster, a t-shirt… If you can put a visual on it, you can transform it into a marketing tool. Just a simple copy and paste and you have a convenient way to gain new followers.

Print will never be dead

If you run your business physically, print your Nametag on a poster, flyers, or brochures. You can even integrate it into your merchandise, adding it to product labels and tags, packaging, catalogs. Anywhere people could get a look is perfect. 

P.S. This tip is not just for permanent stores. Market stalls, expos, exhibitions count too!

Ready. Set. Follow!

If you’re at an actual conference or any networking event, you’ll probably be wearing a legit nametag. Make sure you’re ready to whip the digital one out for scanning. Keep the image on your phone. Not deep in your gallery history, of course. 

You can even set it as your wallpaper for the day so that it’s handy for the people you meet. Think about it like a business card… for Instagram!

Instagram on phone

It’s Time To Boost Your Following 

Building a following is an important part of growing your brand or business. It can get a little bit tricky when the people you want to follow have handles that are impossible to remember. Or type for that matter!

Instagram Nametags are a much easier, and definitely cooler, way to add that awesome person to your followers. And now that you know how, you should really use yours.


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