As of 2018, Instagram introduced its dynamic Instagram ‘music sticker’ feature that is ideal for enhancing your stories and photos. What makes this feature so exciting is that you can now easily select the perfect song from thousands of available tracks.

With more than 500 million people using Instagram stories daily, you want to make sure that you keep your stories fun and engaging. So, adding music to your Instagram stories can just make them come alive!

What Is The Instagram Music Sticker?

The Instagram music sticker allows you to add music to your stories to create a more engaging Instagram presence. Today, around 70% of Instagram users watch stories with the sound on. So, with music stickers, you will be able to enhance your stories and catch the attention of your followers by playing trendy tunes.

With Instagram music stickers you can easily add 15-second audio clips to your stories. These songs can be selected from a large music library so you have plenty of choice! The sticker can be added on top of videos or photos before you share them to help make them stand out.

Whether you want to up your story game with the newest Drake track or are simply looking to add some depth to a story with some classical tunes, this feature has it all!

How To Add Music To Your Stories Using The Instagram Music Sticker

With more and more Instagram features being added all the time, it’s hard to keep tabs on all of them. So if you are still not sure how to add a music sticker to your story, it’s pretty simple and we’ll tell you how. Just follow the guide below and your stories will be pumping in no time!

How Do I Get The Instagram Music Sticker? 

The process of getting the music sticker onto your stories is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by creating a new story in the Instagram app.
  2. Select the sticker icon on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the music sticker.
  4. Browse around until you find the song you want to include in your story. You will be able to search songs based on genre, title, artist, or mood.
  5. Select the part of the song that you want to play in your story. Remember, you can only include 15 seconds of the song so make sure you choose the best part!
  6. You will then have a few options of how the music sticker will be displayed on your story, select the one you like the most.
  7. Tap ‘done’ and VOILA, your track will be added to your story!

Since you are only able to pick 15 seconds of the song, it’s important for you to select the part of the song that you feel matches your story’s vibe. These stickers are designed to start from the chorus of the chosen song. This should make it easier for you to pick the part of the song you like the most.

Instagram music sticker - someone taking a story

Customize Your Instagram Music Sticker

If you’re trying to boost your Instagram presence or just stay up to date with the latest Instagram trends, this feature is perfect for you! Not only can you enhance your stories by adding music, but you can also choose how you want it to appear in your story.

There are a few options when it comes to how the music sticker will appear, including:

Display Type

You can choose to show the lyrics of the song, which will appear as a music player. You also have the ability to customize the look of the lyrics and the player itself.

Currently, there are two music player options available.

The first is a small player with the song title and artist highlighted, as well as a thumbnail of the cover art. The second is a bigger player, with the cover art highlighted and the artist’s name featured in a smaller font below it.


You will have a list of font options to choose from, allowing you to select the way the song lyrics appear in your story. At the moment, there are four fonts available for you to choose from.


Another cool customization available to you in this feature is that you can change the color of the lyrics. Even in cases where you choose the player option, you can always change the color of the background. 

Have some fun playing around with all of these customization settings to create a music sticker that you love. Then it will make the perfect addition to any of your stories.

What To Do If You Don’t Have The Instagram Music Sticker

Unfortunately, the music sticker feature is not yet available worldwide, as some countries have differing music licensing laws.

In some cases, there may be a bug or error that prevents you from accessing this feature. To resolve this, you can try the following:

  • Check that your Instagram app is up-to-date
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Switch to a business account
Instagram login screen

Alternative Ways To Add Music To Your Stories

In cases where you cannot access the music sticker feature, there is the option of adding music from a third-party music service. Platforms such as Shazam, SoundCloud, and Spotify have large music collections that you can listen to and share directly to your story. 

The song will appear in your story, with the cover art of the song. Thereafter, you can add stickers or texts to enhance your story further. Currently, you can only access this feature from a mobile phone and not from a desktop.

Liven Up Your Stories With Your Favorite Tunes

Adding the Instagram music sticker to your stories is one of the best ways to ensure that they are fun and engaging. With this feature, you can set the mood of your pictures and stories while sharing your favorite tracks. Your followers are bound to be excited to see what songs you’ve been jamming to. 

For those who haven’t used this feature yet, it’s time to get going! Start by playing around to see what works and what doesn’t. Once you have it figured it out, you’re ready to go wild and have fun with this amazing Instagram feature.


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