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Creating The Perfect Instagram Color Palette For Your Brand

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An Instagram color palette can transform your feed’s aesthetic, taking it from messy to sleek and put-together. For your brand, it brings authenticity and cohesion as it becomes a tool to align your IG to your brand identity. 

With these three steps (plus bonus tips) to designing your Instagram color palette, you’ll have a stunning feed that everyone will love!

Why A Cohesive Instagram Color Palette Matters

Designing your color palette matters more than you think. It can:

  • Organize your feed
  • Convey a clear brand message 
  • Define your account’s mood or feel
  • Guide your content creation
  • Give users a clear idea of what your account is about and what to expect

How To Create An Instagram Color Palette That Reflects Your Brand

Follow these steps for creating your Instagram color palette:

Define Your Brand Personality or Style

Choosing colors for your feed is not a random task. Don’t go winging it! 

Before you make your choice, reflect on your brand. If you haven’t already done so, define your brand’s digital personality and style. This includes understanding your target audience on Instagram and the aims of having an IG account.

Do you want a fun and spunky account? Or maybe your business needs a more professional, formal feel? Are you going for a classy and traditional or modern look? 

Understanding the vibe you want to portray will help you pick the right colors for your palette.

Pick A Core Color (Or Two)

With insight into your digital personality, you can pick colors for your feed. 

But your brand style isn’t the only thing to consider. You also need to understand what colors mean. Sounds a bit wishy-washy, we know, but colors have meaning. And this matters in social media marketing. 

To learn about this so you make the best choice, read our article: The Role Of Color Psychology In Social Media Marketing.

We suggest picking a primary color from your brand (ie: from your logo). Or a color that speaks to your brand colors, at least. This connects your Instagram to your brand so that if anybody comes to your profile, they know they have found the right account.

Work With The Color Wheel

Once you’ve chosen a color, it’s time to make it work with other colors. Your feed can’t just be one solid color, after all. It has to have variety. 

To keep it interesting, explore the color wheel and play with compatible colors. This will help you plan visuals so that they speak to each other well aesthetically. 

There are numerous ways to approach this. You could go monochrome, using different shades of the same color across your posts. This can be a pretty bold move with bright colors like pink. Or it can be an ode to minimalism if you use neutral color tones like white, black, or nude.

Another palette combination option is to use complementary colors. These are colors that appear opposite each other on a color wheel. The contrast between these colors makes for a vibrant, standout feed. 

Analogous palettes include two hues right next to the primary color. A triad one uses colors that are equip-distant from one another on the wheel. This last one can make your feed visually overwhelming or busy if you don’t plan properly. But it can be a diverse and creative option when done right.

Creating a brand color palette on computer

Bonus Tips To Consider For Your Feed Palette

To make the best Instagram color palette, consider these fantastic tips we swear by.

Use A Palette Generator

Color palette generators are an invaluable tool! Otherwise, how would you identify exact colors from visuals you spot on the net? 

If you find an image with colors you like and want in your palette, then use a generator to help you identify the specific hue.

A generator can also put together your Instagram palette for you right from your logo. It does it automatically and gives you the color codes for you to use later. A great option we recommend is the Canva generator. With a free account, you simply upload the inspo pic to the platform and it does all the work.

Maybe, Stick To One Subject

Another way to manage your feed’s palette is to pick one image subject and stick to it. For example, you could make mountain ranges your thing, or you could do beaches. Having a common subject will guarantee that your palette automatically melds well. 

Have Color Seasons

You don’t have to have the same color or subject throughout. Instead, you can have color seasons. You could change your focal hue or subject regularly. Think about switching it up after similar periods like every nine or so posts. This is a great way to make sure your feed doesn’t become bland. It’s also a good way to switch your content with trends online.

Try Filters

Filters give all your content a singular feel and look. By picking one filter with a specific color tone, you can coordinate your colors without much hassle. The filter does much of the work for you by making different visuals feel unified.

Plan Your Feed

Don’t just leave your feed’s organization to chance. Planning your posts and content helps you keep to your palette and style. 

Preppr is the best tool to help you do this. With our feed preview tool, you can see how posts will look next to each and make sure shades don’t clash. 

Once you’re happy with the look, you can schedule posts in the right order. You can do all this from a single dashboard. Awesome, right?

Cohesive Instagram aesthetic

Keep Your Feed Looking Fresh With Preppr

A beautiful and cohesive Instagram feed sells your brand and your account. It draws users who visit your profile and tells them exactly what they can expect from following you. 

Knowing how to blend and contrast colors is key to making your feed look amazing. Try our 10-day free trial to get started organizing your posts, like, yesterday.

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