On Instagram, even the copy sections are visual. Just take your time to count the captions that contain at least one emoji. Okay, don’t do that. You have far better things to do. Just know that more than 50% of Instagram captions and comments contain emojis. And with good reason: their use can instantly take your copy from “meh” to “awesome” and boost interactions up to 50%. That’s exactly why the whole online community celebrates emojis every July, on the 17th, during the World Emoji Day..and every other day by using them.

Thus, the verdict is in and emojis are a must-use tool for your Instagram efforts. And, like all tactics that are worth implementing, this too deserves some proper attention from our side. Some Preppr attention, that is. Today we’re going to go over all the hot strategies that can improve your emoji game and dig into the new Preppr update that makes using emojis a joy. Ready? Here goes! ?

Capture attention with the most popular emojis

Have you ever wondered which are the most used emojis on Instagram and why? Well, maybe you already have a faint idea as we’re sure that you’ve seen and read a lot of Instagram captions. If not, don’t worry, we’re going to put you up to date.

In 2017, the most used emoji was…*drumroll*…the camera emoji ?. Not very surprising right? That’s because (and note this down) the first rule for using emojis is “use them to support what you’re saying” that is “in context”. And since Instagram is about sharing images, the camera emoji makes sense. On a close 2nd place comes the, you’ve guessed it, heart emoji ❤. Because let’s admit it, we all love Instagram or something. From here on, there are cluster of very used emojis that contain hand signs such as “okay” ?, “clapping for you” ?, “strong” ? and facial expressions among which you can find “heart eyes emoji” ?, “kiss emoji” ? and “face with tears of joy emoji” ? which is one of the most loved.

Now, since your main goal is to establish a direct communication line with your followers and level with them, using the most popular emojis will score you some great recognition points. However, don’t forget the first rule for using emojis: always use them when it makes sense.

Get a visual bio by polishing it off with emojis

If you want people to instantly get a feel of who you are and what you do, a well-placed emoji in your bio can do the trick. Or, if you feel adventurous, more emojis. Actually, nowadays this practice has become quite common among Instagramers and not having emojis in your bio might even look odd and out-of-place. So hurry up and put a visual twist to who you are or what your business does. Also read our piece about Instagram bio ideas with emoji that will get you found and followed

With so many emojis to choose from, covering almost every domain you might think of, it’s not hard to find the one to represent you. Consider adding multiple lines with text and emoji and avoid bulk texts, as these can be hard to read can be seen as *yawn* boring. Sorry for the tough love, but we’re looking after your best interest.

Just have a look (if you haven’t already) at the lovely Kayla Itsines’s account. Her bio is short and to the point, yet offering tons of info regarding her personal and professional life. All seasoned to perfection with a few well-selected emojis.

You comment best when you comment with emojis

By now you should know the importance of commenting and interacting with your users outside your Instagram feed. Beware of creating and auto-posting custom comments that are so generic they could cause anger. Nobody wants to read “great post ?” over and over again. And “wow ?” is no better. Sure, there might be times when a “wow” is in place, but more often than not, a “wow” comment signals a bot. And not a good one. Thus, make your comments relevant! And while you’re at it, throw in a great emoji.

Using emojis can instantly make your comment warmer and more fun. Especially if it’s your first time interacting with a particular user. Long comments are welcome, but if you have something substantial to say. If not, an emoji can cut the length your comment in half while still maintaining its full meaning.

Create an “emoji language” between you and your followers

Remember how when we were little we used to invent our own language and talk with friends? No? Anybody? Was it just me? Anyhu, this works on Instagram. You can use emojis not only in your captions or comments, but you can actually encourage followers to leave you an emoji as a reply. This can make as a great tactic for special contests. A quick one could be: “tell me about your connection with my brand in 5 emojis”. And this is just one application out of the many you could find.

There are many techniques to raise interactivity and encourage engagement. However, among the simplest and most effective ones is to ask your audience to do something extremely easy and fun. Emojis bring the best of both worlds and are just at a click away. Thus, don’t hesitate to pass the ball in your followers’ court and let them pass it back to you. In the end, this is what Instagram is meant to do, right? So go at it!

Spice up your emoji skills by using emojis with Preppr

If you’re serious about Instagram efforts, you definitely need a tool to help you plan, schedule and keep a close eye on your evolution. Preppr comes to your aid with some great features. More about those on our site. Now we’re here to talk about the emoji update and how easy it is now to draft and schedule posts and comments that contain emojis.

As with all actions in Preppr, using the emoji feature is also simple and straight-forward. The emoji icon in the bottom left corner of the text box enables you to browse all the possible emojis and insert them into your captions and comments. With this new feature update, Preppr becomes an even stronger (and cooler) tool, sustaining all your efforts, 360 degrees.

Ready to say it with an emoji?

When everything has been said and done, it’s emoji time! And that time has also come for us. So, without wasting any more virtual ink, let’s paint some emojis and start the Instagram madness! Oh, one more curiosity before we go: which emoji do you most associate yourself with? If you dare, leave it in a comment! ❤


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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