Instagram Insights might seem indistinguishable from magic to the usual user. However, you’re not the usual user. You’re thriving to grow your business or presence on Instagram and you’re ready to entail all the advanced tactics that can help you get the glory. And when we say glory, we mean amazing marketing results. Because that’s exactly what Insights can help you achieve: boosted marketing results and the power to tweak your strategy in order to keep these growing.

Now, we’ll not going to leave you wondering how to do the ‘trick’. We’re going to uncover exactly how Instagram Insights can help you understand your followers, posts, stories, and campaigns. This way, you’ll be able to draw valuable conclusions and constantly improve your efforts in order to become more and more successful. But, because Instagram Insights do have some complex layers to peel off, we’re going to take it slow. So, let’s start from the beginning. Are you with us?


  1. What are Instagram Insights?
  2. What can you learn from IG Insights?
  3. Activity Tab
  4. Content Tab
  5. Audience Tab
  6. Precise ways to use Instagram Insights
  7. Step up your Instagram game with Instagram Insights

What are Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights are some pretty neat native analytics tools that can give you more info about what’s happening behind the hood of your account. Basically, they are the perfect best friend, not afraid to tell you the honest truth straight-up: ‘is your strategy working or is it just hot water?’, ‘are your posts attracting engagements or are these just another brick in the wall?’, ‘do your campaigns hit their target or are they a near miss?’ – you get the point. Instagram Insights will give you some tough, well-deserved love to get your marketing efforts on the efficiency path asap.

Before you get too excited though, make sure to switch to a business account. Yes, that’s the only way you’ll be able to access Instagram Insights. Another point worth mentioning (so that you won’t be disappointed) is that Instagram Insights will only display analytics for content that’s been posted after you made the switch to a business account. Seems only fair, right?

Once you have a business account, there are various ways you can actually access Instagram Insights:

  • Go to your account page and tap the graph in the upper right corner
how to access Instagram Insights
  • Select any individual posts and tap ‘View Insights’
Access individual posts Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights for Instagram Stories

What can you learn from IG Insights?

In a nutshell, we’ve already told you what Instagram Insights are useful for: improving your marketing strategy and boosting your marketing results. But these are just the generic, overall results. And, to get to these, you’ll need to comprehend the specific benefits that will amount to formidable success. So, here goes:

  • Learn more about the activity on your profile
  • Discover content insights for both posts and Instagram Stories
  • Understand your audience better

You can think of these three categories of benefits of Insights as the Holy Graal for growing your profile. Because with great knowledge comes great power and great results. If you want even more specific info about what’s hidden in Instagram Insights, this is it:—-

Activity Tab

Once you open Instagram Insights, the dashboard will open in the ‘Activity’ tab, giving away valuable info about the actions taken on your account in the last week, per days. This includes the number of ‘Profile Visits’ and ‘Website Clicks’ or the number of times followers e-mailed or called your designated phone. You’ll also have a better understanding of your ‘Reach’ and ‘Impressions’, meaning the number of users who saw your posts and the average number of times a particular user saw a post.

the Activity tab in Instagram Insights

Content Tab

The content tab shares insights regarding the posts you created in the last seven days. Insights will order these posts by the number of times that they were seen. That means you’ll be able to see exactly what type of content appeals best to your audience and, hence, what content to replicate in the future. The Content Tab is also the place where you can find Insights regarding your Stories and Promotions (if you have created any in the last 7 days). For Instagram Stories you’ll be able to understand in-depth details regarding taps forward, taps back, exits, impressions, reach and so much more.

the Content tab in instagram insights

Audience Tab

Oh, the wonderful Audience Tab! Here is where you’ll find precious analytics that will help you better understand your followers. Instagram Insights will equip you with knowledge regarding your audience’s Top locations, Age range, Gender and the hours and days they’re most active in.

the Audience tab in instagram insights

Precise ways to use Instagram Insights

Now you have a clear idea of where to find all the relevant Instagram Insights tools and what these tools can tell you. It’s time to tackle the how. Because having all this info would be useless if you wouldn’t act on it and implement some valuable changes in your marketing strategy. Here are some practical ways to implement Instagram Insights for the greater good of your marketing strategy:

  1. Better understand what attracted users to your page by discovering the days in which your account has been discovered the most times. Did you roll a promotion, ran a campaign, distributed a post or created an Instagram Story on those days? If so, you know what you need to do: more of that awesome thing that attracted them in the first place.
  2. See what type of content strategy and captions work best by checking the feed posts insights. This way you’ll be able to replicate the strategic direction of those specific posts, the color palette and the tone of voice. For better and better results.
  3. See if your target audience and your actual audience match by viewing the insights connected to your audience. Then, start adjusting your strategy and your content to fit the people who are interacting most with your profile.

Step up your Instagram game with Instagram Insights

It’s not the first time we explain (and strongly advocate for) Instagram Insights. We’ve previously gone into details by describing Instagram Insights and offering other useful ideas about what analytics you could use to improve your content strategy and Instagram marketing results. However, a lesson taught twice is a lesson closer to be learned. So read read read and then apply what you’ve read. because practice is the best insight you’ll get.



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