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How To Gain More Followers On Twitter (7 Tips)

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Want to know how to gain followers on Twitter without buying them? We have to admit that growing your account on the blue bird app is tough, but there are some simple and basic ways to push up that follower count.

So, if you’re wondering how to gain followers on Twitter, here are seven content and management tips to point you in the right direction. 

7 Tips To Boost Your Following On Twitter

Here is our advice on how to gain followers on Twitter:

Nail Your Profile

Your profile is the hub of your account and the first place potential followers will go when they consider following you.  

These are the elements to keep updated if you want to attract followers:

Profile Picture

The first thing they’re likely to check out is your profile picture. This is right at the top of your profile and can say a lot about your brand or business. 

Make sure your photo is up to date, professional, clean, and relevant. 

Your pic is super important because it shows up every time you post something, even to people who don’t follow you. It can either invite or push away users. 

It’s a symbol of your account’s identity so it should reflect your branding and make your account easily recognizable. 


Another element that users will see right at the top of your profile is your header. This is the image background behind your profile photo. This is a fantastic chance to reinforce your brand identity. You can use it to promote a current campaign or product or share your brand slogan. 

Handle & Name

The next aspects of your profile to focus on are your handle and name. For your handle and name, choose simple phrases related to your brand.

Ideally, avoid numbers and symbols so that your account is easy to find. However, if another account exists with that handle or name, you may have to find a variation that stands out by using an underscore or another symbol or abbreviation.


Your bio is a 160-character opportunity to pitch what your page and brand are about. It should be informative but simple and brief. It should also reflect your brand personality clearly for newcomers. 

Include keywords and hashtags relating to your brand to make it more discoverable on the search page. 

Other Details + Pinned Tweet

Below the bio, Twitter also allows you to include your website URL or another link, choose an account category, and add a location. 

You should also pick a pinned tweet that shows the best parts of your brand – something with great engagement would be ideal.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key to running any good social media account. It’s how you keep followers committed to your account as they know you always have upcoming content. 

Unlike other social media platforms, it’s not enough to post on Twitter a couple of times a week. Rather, you want to aim for a couple of times a day.

The best way to create and maintain consistency on your account is by including a combination of these daily activities:

  • Retweeting and quote retweeting (up to seven times a day)
  • Posting your original content (up to seven posts a day)
  • Following and unfollowing accounts
  • Attending to DMs and replies
  • Tracking audience questions for your upcoming content
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Create A Scheduling Plan

Scheduling can help you with consistency, particularly for your original content. Create a content calendar and use Preppr for Twitter to plan posts. 

Scheduled posts are particularly important for Twitter because the platform works chronologically and updates constantly. If you post when people are not online, they will miss your posts entirely which will affect engagement and other analytics. 

Learn your audience demographic and the best time to post so you can optimize your schedule for the best results. The more people see and share your posts, the greater the chance to grow your following!

Prioritize Engagement

It sounds like the thing you do after you’ve gained followers but engaging can help you increase your following. 

Twitter is like any other social space; it’s about who knows you. To make friends, you need to put yourself out there. 

Retweet, like, share, and reply to other accounts via comments and DMs. Simply engage and this can attract other users to your page. Another way to engage: follow other accounts!

You also want to prioritize your focus on engagement analytics. Keeping an eye on the posts that your current followers engage with the most can help you gauge what content works. This can guide you on content to keep creating which can help you gain followers interested in that content.

Share Quality Content

Speaking about content, the quality of your content matters. Make sure you share and engage with posts that are relevant to your brand. Twitter is all about brand identity so what personality have you created for your business and does your content reflect that?

When you create and share quality tweets, you keep users interested in your account. Some of the best content you can create is the visual stuff. Videos and images perform well on the platform. 

Redirect followers to your Twitter account from other platforms like your website or other social media accounts. You can do this by sharing your Twitter link on other account bios or including your handle in post captions.

You could also share screenshots of your tweets to spaces like your Instagram Story. You want to leverage existing followers on other digital platforms and get them to connect with you on Twitter, too.

Don’t Forget Hashtags

Hashtags are vital for discoverability and visibility. When you include hashtags in your content, you make it easier for people to find you when searching for content under a specific topic. This makes it possible for users to find you without ever seeing your account. 

You can find relevant hashtags by searching for them on the trends (#) page.

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Increasing your following is an essential part of growing your brand’s influence and presence on Twitter. Put in the hard work and you’ll see your Twitter following start to grow. 

Start by following the above tips on how to gain followers on Twitter and you should start to see the results in due time!

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