Instagram is about everything visual so nailing photo editing will make you an Instagram deity. Stick around as we’re going to give you our top tips on how to edit a post on Instagram.

Getting The Perfect Edit: How to Edit A Post On Instagram

The Money Shot

If you want to post great images on the gram, it’s best to give yourself the advantage and start with a quality photograph. It’s much harder to edit a terrible image. Taking a fantastic image from the get-go means any editing you do will be fine-tuning. 

To snap your money shot, ensure you have amazing lighting. Natural light is always best. If you miss the best early morning/sunset light, you can lean on the HDR setting on your phone. 

Take a ton of pictures so you have options on your camera roll. 

Lastly, think about the sizing of your picture. It’s the worst when you’ve taken an awesome picture, upload it for posting, and Instagram ruins it when it fits into that square frame. The best sizing for Instagram picture posts is 1080 pixels wide. 

Filter Fun

Sometimes, it works for the image to have #NoFilter. But, that’s not always the case. Finding the ultimate filter is like mixing a signature cocktail. A filter can change the feel post entirely. 

Of course, everybody has their faves, so try them all and find yours. You can also adjust the intensity of a filter. Tap twice on the filter option and slide to select the level you prefer. 

Using the same filter for most of your posts can create brand consistency and a distinct brand image. It can also just make your feed look like curation heaven!

Adjust Settings

You’ve got the ideal picture and a suitable filter but you’re still not 100% sure about the post. Don’t sweat it. You still have a few more options to get it just the way you like it. 

You may have seen the magic wand icon at the top of your screen, but you’ve just never used it before. This is the Lux setting. Lux balances the exposure and contrast on your image, giving definition and a little bit of pop! Click on the icon, and use the sliding tool to increase or decrease the Lux effect. 

You can take things even further by manually adjusting some of the other settings. Select ‘Edit’ on the bottom right corner. You can make custom edits to alignment, saturation, warmth, contrast, and sharpness. You can add a vignette effect to give the image a vintage, or classic Polaroid look. 

That’s it! Tinker here and there with these steps and all your posts will be Instagram-worthy!

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How To Edit A Post On Instagram: Five Editing Tools For Your Instagram Posts

Instagram offers many options for editing your photos. I mean, you can do so much with the simple steps above. If you want to move to next-level editing, but don’t have the best graphic design skills, there are some tools and online platforms that make it oh-so-easy. Lucky for you, I’m gonna do a useful rundown of some really good ones now.


If you ask “expert” Instagrammers how to edit a post on Instagram, most will point you to VSCO. Photographers, top Instagrammers, and influencers, anyone who is anybody in the Instagram game uses VSCO. 

The VSCO app has awesome free filters to start you off. If you want to use the range of filters and tools, you have to fork out some moola. You’re also able to take pictures within the app, which you can later share onto your Instagram feed. 

If you want to learn the best way to edit an image for your Instagram, VSCO is the ideal place to start. 

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is the handier, younger sibling of Adobe’s Photoshop. If you use Adobe’s Creative Cloud Programs, you can easily log in to Express with those details. This allows you to integrate Express content into your other Adobe programs. If you don’t have an Adobe account, you can just create one. Either way, Photoshop Express is totally free. 

The editing tools available to edit a post for Instagram are filters, stickers, text effects, blemish correctors, and collage makers. The app is also super handy for Instagram because it can export images at the right size for your feed. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Want to have a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing feed the easy way? Adobe Lightroom may be the best way to go. The editing tool is perfect for beginners or expert photographers. It provides a range of presets that work like filters over your images. 

As the name, Lightroom, implies, the presets brighten up images and make them look trendy. You can decide whether to edit from scratch or use the presets. It’s a cool post-production tool and it can give your feed a polished, bloggy feel. 

Bonus tip: Read this post on Instagram Presets.

Canva & Adobe Spark

These two platforms work a lot like VSCO, Express, and Lightroom – you can edit filters and all that! What’s awesome about Canva and Spark is that they also have graphic and font features, and handy templates to use. You can create great visuals for your portfolio, event invitations, calendars, all from ready-to-use templates. 

Editing pictures

Oops! I Changed My Mind – How To Edit After Posting On Instagram

Unfortunately, once you’ve posted, you can’t change the look of the image. You would just have to delete it and repost it with the desired changes. You can make minor changes to the post though. To edit a post on Instagram, tap on the three dots above your post. Select Edit, and click on the thing you’d like to edit (location, people tagged, or caption). Changes complete? Tap on the tick and you’re done!

Final Words

So, go forth and conquer your Gram edits now that you know how to edit a post on Instagram. Don’t forget, once you’ve made all your pictures look amazing, you can schedule them to post using Preppr and your work is done!


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