With a day only counting 24 hours (that’s far too little, we know) we’re always on the look for tricks to save time and enhance our efficiency. So far, modesty aside, we’re doing! But, to be fully honest, it’s not entirely our merit. Luckily, there are a ton of tools that make Instagram Marketing a bit easier and, when used right, even a lot more successful. Unluckily, there are so many of these tools that sometimes you might be lost when trying to select the right ones.

Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s the beginning of the week and that’s stressful enough. Instead, grab a cup of your favorite tea or your most loved coffee and read on. We’ve prepared a list of 5 hot tools that will help you speed up your Instagram Marketing Strategy and get you to that hot spot you’ve been dreaming of.


The Instagram Business Blog

Here’s where all the BIG news regarding Instagram latest updates pops up. Thus, if you’re looking for the official version of what’s happening with and on Instagram, this is the place to stop and stare. Here you’ll find anything from newest rollouts to inspiration bites and study cases that will get your Instagram Marketing Strategy going.

The “Goal” section of the Instagram Business Blog is also a valuable resource. Here you’ll find awesome insights and tips on how to drive in sales with Instagram, increase your in-store sales, generate brand awareness and so much more.

All articles are written in a neat fashion and are very pleasurable to read. Yes, this is also important because when you have so much info going your way, you need it in a fun form to remember it. Thus, make reading this blog a habit. You’ll have an upper hand knowing what’s up with Instagram before everyone else does.



It doesn’t happen often to have some spare time, but when you do, why not schedule all your Instagram posts in advance? Okay, we were kidding with the spare time, we have none to spare, but we have time to organize. That’s actually how we make more time. Thus, organizing your time in order to take care of all your Instagram posts at once is a great way to implement your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Preppr enables you to plan for Instagram. And when we say “plan” of course we mean to automatically schedule posts, but also to plan visually. You’ll have a bigger picture over a longer period of time of what your posts will be and look like. Taking control feels good and it also offers you the freedom of a better-organized program. What’s more, Preppr also lets you in what the best times to post are in order to increase views, comments, and likes. Your engagement will be through the roof, your feed will look amazing and your schedule will be better than ever.

You can try Preppr (although we’re sure you’ll be convinced) for free for the first 10 days. Afterwards, Preppr offers a number of different types of subscriptions according to your needs.

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Every Instagram Analytics tool out there promises in-depth insights in the simplest possible way. Yeah…about that. You might have figured out it’s a bit of an overstatement. Or let’s call it wishful thinking. However, we’ve stumbled upon a tool that actually delivers what it promises. And we’re suckers for its name as well: owlmetrics. Isn’t that nice?

In addition to having a close eye on your Instagram Analytics and Insights, you should always try to dig deeper. The more you know about your Instagram account, followers and potential followers, the bigger your chances of getting…well…bigger. And, equipped with the right analytics, you’ll do your Instagram Marketing Strategy a huge favor and save time crafting the perfect plan! Muhahahha.

Owlmetrics helps you better understand and thus grow your audience. By discovering the insights in Owlmetrics you can learn more about your new followers and see who unfollowed you. It’s absolutely true what they say: with knowledge comes power and oh, such power. Once you get to know your audience better, Owlmetrics will also help you resonate with it. And, with the trackable link, you’ll be able to add in your Instagram bio, you’ll know exactly how much traffic you are driving.


Now, you have two options: you could do all this (and much more, we’re certain) manually and take forever and a day. or you could enjoy a piece of cake (pun intended) while Owlmetrics serves the insights for you.



Influencer Marketing is a really big deal in 2018. And the reason it is such a big deal is precisely because it works! What’s more, Instagram is the place where influencers not only thrive but are cherished more than anywhere else. As a brand, you can make the most out of this, but it can be quite hard to get started…and hard to manage…and measure. We’ve written a few words about how you can easily work with influencers, but an extra tool never hurts.

With Tapinfluence you’ll easily be able to find the right influencers. We’re certain that at one point or another you’ve asked yourself: where can I discover influencers?

Tapinfluence promises to give you a comprehensive answer and they even boast that with the help of AI they can give you valuable info about audiences, brand affinities, DMAs, interest and so much more. There are so many things to consider when you select an influencer and the last thing you’d want is to associate yourself with the wrong one who’s associated with the wrong (other) brand.

Once you find the right influencers, Tapinfluence will also help you manage and track their content creation. What’s more, at the end of your collaboration, you’ll be able to access some hard-core analytics and the exact insights on influencer performance.



Know your hashtags should among the 10 commandments of Instagram. You should always be on top of the latest Instagram hashtag trends and do your best to mix things up in order to attract new audiences. Shadowbanning myth has been debunked with the reveal of how the Instagram algorithm works, but it’s still a good idea to use a diverse range of hashtags. We understand how it might be hard to mix things up or find new hashtags. that’s exactly why we thought to give you a helping hand.

If you want to see exactly how many people interact with your branded hashtags, you should give Keyhole a chance. Actually, the tool is your all-rounded hashtag solution. Besides tracking in real-time hashtags, it can also enable you to find relevant info regarding the most influential people engaging with your brand.

Thus, you can use Keyhole to find key (we’re punstopable today) insights that can help you optimize your hashtag campaigns and your overall Instagram Marketing Strategy. You can tap into powerful knowledge such as the total number of posts, engagement rate and reach your hashtags have generated. And that’s just the beginning of the story because the fun part begins when you start thinking about what you can do with all this data. Further, if you want to create Stories that really catch the eye, you can benefit from third-party apps to help you make Instagram Stories like a pro.


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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