We’ve been working on Preppr for quite a while and that’s why we are so excited to announce that we are finally live! Not sure what we do yet? Let us elaborate a bit, and trust us, you’ll be as excited as we are! Your Instagram vida just got a whole lot easier!


Instagram is a Must Have For Every Brand

Proper management of a brand’s social media channels is an absolute must in today’s market. Whether you’re working for a personal brand or a corporate one, your social presence plays a key role in painting your brand as a legitimate one. Running a Facebook page has been the norm for a while now. But the importance of getting an Instagram account too has been gaining speed dramatically since the app first launched. Now, we love Instagram as much as the next person, but have always found there are certain ways that it could be made even better, and that’s what inspired us to create Preppr.

It makes a lot of sense that businesses use schedulers to help them run their social media channels. What’s better than being able to plan ahead and set things in motion in advance, right? That’s what we think at least, and yet Instagram is missing that smooth and easy service. While there are apps out there that you can try to fill in this gap, they’re still not exactly what you what you need for your brand. Most of the time, missing one necessary feature or the next. And that’s exactly why we’re here.


We Know About The Challenges You Face

Social media managers have a lot on their plate to ensure their job is done well. Creating and executing a social media marketing plan isn’t exactly a piece of cake; trust us, we know. You have the administration to do, community to manage, data to analyze, trends to stay on top of… the list goes on. Because we understand how much time it takes to perform all these tasks, we wanted to take off some of the pressure where possible. Our pick? Making Instagram as efficient as possible so you can focus on the other things.

We did marketing research among all kinds of digital professionals like social media freelancers, brand managers and entrepreneurs, who run multiple Instagram accounts for themselves or for corporate brands. This let us really figure out exactly how we can help them (and you) to achieve efficiency with their work and get some control back into their lives. That’s what Preppr is truly about: we want to help professional Instagram users to plan, schedule and post their Instagram posts. We want Preppr to be your Instagram sidekick, your partner in crime as you work on building your brand, one follower or like at a time.


What We Can Do For You

When we first started developing Preppr, we were very much focused on the data side of things. The more data or information you have to help you make decisions, the better your decision-making can be. Without overloading you with too much information, Preppr focuses on the few things that you need to know when posting.

Le creme de la crème: post automatically

The first thing we offer to help make your scheduling life a whole lot easier: we can post automatically for you if you want us to. You can choose whether to have this function on or off, but we think we already know what most of you will choose… This was the biggest headache for many social media managers. Imagine you live in one time zone and your customers live on the entire other side of the world. Do you really want to be woken up at 3am your time by a notification that it’s time to post to Instagram? We didn’t think so. Posting automatically simply makes sense. It’s great to be notified about when to post, except when you’re in an important last-minute meeting and can’t take out your phone, or if it’s weekend, or you’re on vacation, or you know, sleeping. You get the point, right?

Post only at the best time (yes, really)

Let us paint you a little picture: you took the perfect shot, edited the picture according to your theme, and came up with an incredibly engaging caption. Then you start to wonder: when should I post it?

This little ‘when do I post’ conundrum is one that kept popping up in our research. While there are certain times that simply make sense, like uploading your post outside of busy work hours or avoiding the times that people are asleep, this isn’t based on data! What you need is suggestions readily available, and that’s something that Preppr does for you. We’ve analyzed over 600,000 Instagram posts and figured out the best times to post, so we can let you know exactly when you should be posting. We think it’s time to take the guesswork out of this step, don’t you?



Stay on top of what’s coming

There comes a time in the life of all social media professionals where you need to step back from the Excel file you made yourself to plan all your Instagram posts, and we’ve got to say, that time is now. Preppr has a clear content calendar that you can use to plan ahead, making sure that you can show your colleagues and clients what they can expect to show up on the account. Toggle to the list view where you can easily differentiate between scheduled posts, past posts, and unused ones.



Preview your feed before you post

Feed integrity is important. When someone stumbles onto your profile, your first 6 pictures are charged with giving a good impression of what your Instagram account is about. So it totally makes sense that, with each new post you make, you want to ensure your top 6 photos look cohesive. That’s why we developed our feed preview feature. Take a look how each new photo will change your feed, and drag and drop the visuals till you figure out the order that will give you the overall look you want. That way, your feed remains cohesive and you never need to make a post again, only to go back and delete it after it went live once you realize it doesn’t ‘fit’ with the rest!



Use the right hashtags using our suggestions

When you’re adding hashtags to your posts, you may sometimes find yourself lacking some motivation or wanting to add some new ones to your usual go-to’s. We have the remedy for that too ;). Simply type in a #, and we’ll suggest relevant hashtags for each of your posts based on what you start typing. Click on our suggestions and the hashtag will be added to our post, and you’re ready for the next step in preparing your post!

To top it off: we allow you to save all your captions and hashtags in a special library, making it easy for you to reuse your top ones.

This is just the beginning of our app, and we’re pretty excited for the future as we unveil even more handy features to make your life as a professional Instagram user even simpler. For now, Preppr is available as an iOS app and also as a responsive web app that you can open on any device with a browser. Depending on your subscription type, you can add and remove an unlimited number of Instagram accounts. Everything you need in one easy to use app.

Seriously, all you have to do is worry about the content, let Preppr handle the rest. 


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