Power! Yes, that’s what a Girl Boss account essentially speaks about. But power can have a lot of nuances. If back in the old days’ power meant raw, undistilled force, nowadays we understand that power can be so much more. It can be candid generosity, relentless empathy, pure femininity or whatever form of expression is genuine, authentic and unhindered.

As a tribute to the different kinds of power Girl Bosses today share with us, we’re going to have a look at some of the most successful Instagram accounts and strategies. We have a lot to learn from them from the tactics they use to the features they entail and the daily wisdom they inspire us with. Yeap, we have a lot to take in so better begin!

We’ve selected 3 accounts that are as different as they are wonderful. Each in their own way. We’ve intentionally picked them this way so, no matter your Girl Boss style, we’re certain you’re going to recognize a bit of yourself in one of them. And, hopefully, learn how to spice up your Instagram strategy.


@lennyletter: The unapologetic Girl Bosses

Lenny Letter is a weekly online feminist newsletter slash blog created by two amazing Girl Bosses: Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner. These two might as well be the definition of unapologetic feminine power in its raw, authentic form. The @lennyletter account is built around a tightly knit community of decisive women who want to speak freely about their rights, bodies, relationships, struggles, and successes. Nothing is too controversial or too outrageous to appear in the newsletter which gathers everything from interviews to personal essays, short stories, poetry and even branded content. The subjects Lenny Letter covers are equally diverse and range from political to cultural and professional.

While you should definitely subscribe to the newsletter, what we strongly encourage you to do is to follow the @lennyletter Instagram account. Here’s why:

1. Quirky feed aesthetic that’s strongly cohesive

From the very first scroll, the vibe of the account is going to flow right through you. Everything is so well tied together although so different. The account uses a variety of media types and formats combining photos, videos, illustrations, scrap collages, quotes, and typos. Yet, despite being so variate, the account feels cohesive and well-thought of. The secret? The strong bold colors that make for some awesome statement-posts.

2. Spot on captions

Since the account promotes a community of women who are interested in discovering what’s what, it’s only natural that captions are quintessential. And the girl bosses behind the account make a great job at writing some exciting long captions that capture everything that’s important.

3. Great use of the tagging feature

With so many collaborators and writers, the account does a great job at promoting new articles and pieces by using the tagging feature. This way, it increases its reach and the possibilities of getting discovered.


@sophiaamoruso: The original Girl Boss

No Girl Boss countdown would be complete without mentioning Sophia Amoruso. Sophia led the beginning of the generation of girl bosses. At only 22, she started Nasty Gal and made it big by selling vintage clothing. So big, that she was even named among the richest self-made women by Forbes. Sounds like the perfect success story, right? Well, success and failure go hand in hand. And Sophia Amoruso proved that nothing makes a powerful woman more than the ability to gracefully and strongly recover after a failure. Thus, when her brand went bankrupt and her marriage fell apart, Sophia gathered the strength to carry on. Now, she’s the founder and CEO of Girlboss and wants to share her wisdom with all the authentic women who know that success is actually a series of failures.

With such an inspirational story, you can definitely expect her @sophiaamoruso Instagram account to be all that and more. And you’re right. So, if you’re not following her already, open Instagram and do it now. Here’s what you can learn from her and, implicitly, her Instagram account:

1. Funny, real and punchy posts

Sophia Amoruso’s attitude is simply refreshing and this shows in her feed. With such a rich work and life experience at such a young age, she’s got a few words of wisdom to share, always with a great sense of humor, from her captions to her photos and videos.

2. A great mix of personal and work-related topics

Following @sophiaamoruso you’ll get a sense of both her personal life and her work efforts, which blend together wonderfullyl. We promise you’ll never get bored scrolling through her feed.

3. How to promote a brand through a personal account

While this account is about her and her whereabouts, Sophia is also always casually referencing @girlboss through her posts. Especially when she’s attending events or posting quotes.


@jaclynrjohnson: The Girl Boss with a marketing story

If you’re looking for a role model in marketing and advertising, Jaclyn Johnson might just be your lucky pick. She’s the founder and CEO of No Subject, a digital marketing and events agency, but also of Create & Cultivate, an online platform and conference series geared toward women entrepreneurs in the digital world. She started her career wishing to be an editor but soon came to realize that advertising was more of her cup of tea. So here she is! Woah, such a powerhouse, yet also very gentle and warm.

As you might have already figured out, she’s doing Instagram so well that you need to follow her account and learn from her strategy. Here’s what to expect:

1. Pastel colors and vintage-like looks

Jaclyn Johnson’s feed is as lovely as she is. With pastel colors and vintage ensembles, it will sweep you off your feet. We tell you, you’re going to get tangled in Jaclyn’s aesthetics and inspect every post to try to recreate if not the look, definitely the feel: genuine and aspirational.

2. Empowering girl talk

The message Jaclyn sends is loud and clear: be yourself and venture on. Be lovely, be wild, be caring (without caring about what others have to say), be grateful, be bold, be you. Check out her captions and use of hashtags to dig deeper into her mindset and the empowerment she creates for her followers.

3. High-quality photos and lovely decors

Every photo Jaclyn posts is absolutely perfect. Every color, every detail, every outfit, every filter is just what it should be. It looks stunning and yet effortless.


 Who’s your role model?

Now that we’ve showed you our favorite Girl Bosses on Instagram, we’re also eager to hear who gets your gears going. What kind of power is your kind of power? Sharing is caring!


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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