On the 8th of March the entire world will be celebrating International Women’s Day. And, while we’re truly excited that this day has become a token of appreciation for women worldwide, we do believe amazing women should be celebrated every…single…day!

2017 has been a booming year for feminist and equalitarian initiatives. From the Women’s March to the #metoo and #timesup movement (to name a few), things are changing towards a better, brighter and we want to believe, fairer society. We’ve made a lot of progress, but we’re only at the beginning of the road. Luckily, we’ve got some extraordinary women pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and proving that gender roles are as obsolete as the society that created them. Even more luckily, many of these women have Instagram accounts, meaning we can easily tap into their empowering ideas.

Thus, what better way to celebrate than to give a big “thank you!” to all women and offer a warming gift of inspiration in the form of empowering women accounts to follow on Instagram? We say it’s a pretty good way! So, here’s to them, here’s to us, here’s to you!

Empower education with @katiemeyler

“It all started with a girl.” That’s the first line that greets you on the morethanme.org website, Katie Meyler’s cornerstone project. But it continued with so much more than that! To find out with what, we strongly encourage you to follow @katiemeyler on Instagram. Named person of the year by TIME, in 2015, Katie has been fighting to rebuild the Liberian educational system and help Liberian girls improve their lives.

Empowering Instagram accounts to follow this 8th of March
Empowering Instagram accounts to follow this 8th of March

Inspirational and powerful, Katie Meyler’s profile is a genuine account of the hardships she encounters along the way, but also about the great successes achieved from not giving up. If you want to learn by example and widen your perspectives, this is the account to follow! Katie’s so much more than an entrepreneur. She’s a strong woman and a beautiful human being. And hopefully, your new inspiration.

Empower personal development with @daniellelaporte

Success, in all its forms, is rooted in a healthy perspective on life and a balanced emotional out-bringing. That’s exactly what Danielle LaPorte militates for with inspiring posts and meaningful captions.

As an author and speaker who tackles personal development, Danielle’s account is filled with vibrant reflections about everyday life that will make you smile, laugh, cry and everything in between. Expect some unconventional advice from her side and take it with a grain of salt. Hey. after all life is not all rainbows and fairies. But life should be bursting with motivational ideas and here’s where Danielle’s account scores big on empowerment and emotional growth. Sometimes, a little tough love or quirky strategies can get you a long way.

Empowering Instagram accounts to follow this 8th of March
Empowering Instagram accounts to follow this 8th of March

So, for all the moments you’ve felt down and for all the moments you’ve felt like you could conquer the world, Danielle’s account is here to celebrate, empower and help you grow, the real way!

Empower communication with @azitaloves

Azita loves and we definitely love Azita. A communication strategist at her core and a world aficionado all-around, her account is driven by an endless curiosity.

A quick scroll through her profile will leave you mesmerized, but a more in depth read of her captions will have you laughing or grasping in awe. Get ready to indulge in nudges of wisdom in condensed form (puns included) and long-form captions that will get you deeper into the social media works but also into the insightful rhythm of everyday life.

Azita is a strong supporter of ONGs and environmental causes that are becoming more and more stringent in today’s society. Thus, in addition to gaining communication insights, you’ll also have a hot wire to some of the most important social causes, alongside a practical way to show your support.

Empowering Women's Day accounts on Instagram.
Empowering Women’s Day accounts on Instagram.

Empower business entrepreneurship with @sianricho

Sian Riachardson is one of those unique business coaches who are not afraid to tell it like it is! A non-apologetic woman and a courageous entrepreneur, she left her 9 to 5 job to follow her creative drive and she hasn’t looked back ever since. Expect some NSFW language in her posts (or if you leave your 9 to 5, nothing will be NSFW anymore, right?) and keep an open mind.

Empowering Women's Day accounts on Instagram.
Empowering Women’s Day accounts on Instagram.

Her account will empower you with solid career advice whether you want to create a start-up and brand it or if you’re just planning to take a creative plunge in a freelancing. No matter where you’re coming from (or where you’re planning to go) Sian’s advice will definitely strike a chord. And, if nothing else, it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Empower wanderlust with @elainery

Travel blogger and wanderlust professional promoter, Elaine Rystead is your go to Instagramer whenever you want to leave home without leaving home. Her photographs are so flawless, that they’ll vividly transport you to new places in just a scroll and two taps.

Empowering Instagram accounts to follow this 8th of March
Empowering Instagram accounts to follow this 8th of March

More than a well-deserved escape from the hustle of the everyday, her posts are meaningful through their captions and filled with insightful, smile-inducing observations.

Get empowered!

This is not, in any way, an exhaustive list. We’re certain that there are many more outstanding accounts that can empower, inspire and induce wanderlust. Actually, we’re eager to find out what accounts are your “pick-me-up”. Be sure to let us know in the comment section below and also be sure to try Preppr. Until then, have a lovely 8th of March! You deserve it!

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Feature photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


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