Are you an ambitious Instagrammer and do have a nice follower base? Then you can easily make money with LinkPizza by creating content. LinkPizza connects advertisers with the enormous reach of 3,600+ influencers. Their platform facilitates a simple and efficient cooperation between influencers and advertisers. Advertisers like to promote their products or services through authentic content created by influencers.

Advantages for influencers

Skip the hassle of adding affiliate links yourself every time you create new content, saving you time to further optimize your content. Using our dynamic redirect technology you can focus on growing your audience and leave the monetization to LinkPizza.

  • Free to use.
  • Easy to integrate using their WordPress Plugin or JavaScript snippet.
  • Monetize your content without copy and pasting links.

Negotiating content

LinkPizza is a marketplace for influencer content: advertisers and influencers can negotiate with each other about this. The advertiser places a request for making content. This can be a post, review or competition. You, the influencer, can then pitch your creative idea or you will be invited to do so. Does the advertiser like your idea? Then you can negotiate your terms. Once you agree on this, you can start creating content. Both parties get full insight into the result of the published content.

Example of a LinkPizza Influencer
example of a fully completed media kit

Your media kit

If you register with LinkPizza, you will automatically create a media kit. This gives advertisers a good impression of yourself, your niche and your target audience!

Verified statistics will be displayed and an advertiser can see which products/services you offer. Advertisers can find your media kit via the marketplace and will approach you for assignments if they see a match.

How it works

  1. Sign up for free
    Sign up with us and add your online channels.
  2. Pitch on a briefing
    Read the briefing of a brand and write a pitch for your story. Sometimes you will even be invited.
  3. Negotiate with the advertiser
    Discuss the price with the advertiser and check together if your plan for the article, video or post can be improved.
  4. Create and promote
    Write, make film or photos, create beautiful content and share it with your followers.
  5. Receive your compensation
    Let the advertiser check your content, put it live and promote it to your followers. Automatically receive compensation.

Swipe up!

Do you also link to brands via Instagram’s swipe up option or link in bio? This is also a great way of making revenues. Via Linkpizza’s link shortener tool you can convert links into affiliate links that are connected to the affiliate network. As soon as your followers use this link, you will automatically receive a commission. Handy, right?

Dutch Market

Most campaigns on LinkPizza are in the Netherlands. But they have a European focus. So it makes sense to register yourself as an influencer and you might be invited to a matching campaign very soon.


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