Hella, girl boss! It’s a new day and you’ve got a new chance to conquer the world. But to do so, you must keep your look fresh and your Instagram strategy even fresher! And even though you’re a powerhouse, checking off tasks in your agenda with ultra-sonic speed, you do need your daily dose of creative replenishment. Take this as your regular creative meditation, good for the mind, the skin and your Instagram account.

Today we’re going to have a look at some of the most inspiring beauty accounts on Instagram to prevent any wrinkles caused by Instagram related stress. Sure, we’re after beauty products to make our skin glow and our make-up pop, but mostly, we’re looking for beauty accounts to make our Instagram tactics more appealing than ever! So, here are the tonic and moisturizers we all need:

Girl Boss Make-up Power

@patmcgrathreal is the real deal when it comes to beauty accounts on Instagram. Blending the raw power of a girl boss with fine make-up techniques, the account features everything beauty related. Blending celebrity make-up pics with Cara Delavigne and shoots for Cover Girl, Lanvin, and Vogue with authentic behind-the-scenes photos of the process behind everything, this Pat’s account is exactly the inspiration you need. Daily dose: scroll, scroll, scroll.

Your dreams are the limit

If a touch of “dreamy” is what makes your determination pop-up them, by all means, follow Lottie Stannard on her Insta account @lotstar. Her feed’s aesthetics is a wonderland where fantasy, high-fashion, and trends collide in stunning harmony. Of course, you’ll also catch her prepping the hottest celebrities like Anna Faris and Jamie King. What can you take out of Lottie’s strategy? Her strategy for creating a coherent news feed, that hits all points on the visual field.

Time to get relevant

Charlotte Tillbury is not only a great make-up artist, but she’s also a great Instagrammer. Under the profile, @ctilburymakeup, she promotes her own makeup line, launched only a few years ago. Her specialty? Becoming the favorite go-to artists of fashion bloggers and magazines and posing with a lot of celebs. Sounds like tons of fun, right? And that’s exactly what you can draw from her account. How to have a hella-good time while being a girl boss. And looking your best while you do so.

Test your engagement skills

Moving into the brands’ territory, Benefit teaches one or two things about how to look good without spending a fortune, but also about how to engage your followers…without spending a fortune. The brand’s preferred Instagram tactic is creating engagement with their followers. To do so, Benefits invites followers to tag friends, creates cross-promotions, makes recurrent use of reposts all while promoting their products. It’s a fine art, we tell you. Just like the art of makeup. Check out their US account @benefitcosmeticsus, or any of their other countries’ accounts.

Get your nails into your Instagram feed

Here’s some inspiration from the country that puts a spin on everything: Japan. Hana is a nail artist with a really funky style. Her account, @hana4, displays some absolutely fantastically crazy miniature masterpieces and mixes them in a delightful way to create a cohesive Instagram feed. What can you learn from it besides how to paint your nails to match your girl boss style? How to tailor your Insta feed and play the hashtag game by the book.

Disrupt the normal feed

If you never want to have a bad hair day or a bad Instagram day, follow Chris Mcmillan @mrchrismcmillan. His approach to Instagram strategy is truly a funk and a half, with loads of haircut ideas and tons of stuff fluff about celebrities. He’s always on the move and always on trend, spotting new ones before they emerge. So, for a touch of fabulous and a disruptive take on the Instagram aesthetics game and caption play, follow Chris. It’s just what a girl boss needs at the end of the day.

The poshest video content

Nobody gives faster advice on Instagram than Bare Minerals. If you like effective tips that can save a no-save make-up emergency, this is a goldmine! You can also draw tons of inspiration from their account. But that’s not all. They have such a diversity when it comes to the type of content, that you’ll never get bored. And that’s lesson no 2 from Bare Minerals, boss girl!

Close-up on your community

No “beauty accounts on Instagram” list would be complete without MAC. Because, girl boss, listen to us when we say they are doing it right! Taking engagement as serious as one could take it, MAC connects with the professional community to spread relevance and attract more followers. Not to mention their Instagram feed is filled with stunning close-ups and amazing shots. Grab a pen and note this down! Your brow pencil will do too.

What are your favs?

As always, we’ve got a disclosure. This is not a complete list and yes, girl boss, it’s absolutely subjective but with a touch of marketing objectiveness. However, these accounts are guaranteed to get you and your Instagram account looking as great as you could look. And we look forward to hearing what are your favorite beauty accounts on Instagram to update our list. In the meantime, here’s a beauty tip from Preppr: don’t lose sleep and schedule your posts in advance. First 10 days on us!

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