In order to grow your followers and become successful on Instagram, you have to create consistent content that is attractive to your viewers. Having a camera that produces great quality photos and videos is already step 1 in ensuring you’re capable of building and sustaining a beautiful feed. But there are a lot of other points on Instagram to pay attention to: getting the perfect edit, creating an enticing caption and using the right hashtags, to name a few.

Instagram itself is equipped with features that point you in the right direction, but if you’re wanting to take it to an even higher level, then there are third-party apps out there that you really ought to check out. There are tons of apps available in the App Store or Google Play,  so we’ve created a list of our favorites that we think will actually improve your experience with Instagram.


Become a Photo Editing Expert with VSCO

This app is an absolute must-have when it comes to editing your photos and selecting the right filter for them. The filters at VSCO were designed to resemble old-school film cameras, giving your photos a more professional and visually appealing look. VSCO simply gives you a lot more control over your images, where you can crop, adjust lighting, fix tint and temperature and make your photos sharper (to name a few). Besides the editing and filter opportunities, It also functions as its own camera application and photo sharing platform.


The Extra Mile With Facetune

People like to show themselves in their Instagram uploads, it’s not a secret. From users using their accounts for non-commercial purposes to brands trying to show followers the faces behind their organization, portrait shots or selfies get uploaded at an astounding rate every single day. The selfie hashtag is one of the most popular Instagram hashtags used for a reason, right?

If you find yourself needing to upload the perfect selfie (you do), then you need to install Facetune. This is an app specifically made to enhance your self-portraits. The app offers features allowing you to adjust your smile, remove blemishes and dark circles, whiten your teeth, and even reshape your face. It can also be used to whiten backgrounds in your images, for example, if you are standing in front of a white wall that’s faded or gotten a bit dirty. Doing this can make your photo appear cleaner and more professional. There is much more that the app can do, but you’re going to need to download it and see for yourself!



Resize with Instasize

Took the perfect photo only to find that Instagram won’t allow you to display the entire thing? Yeah, we’ve been there way too many times as well. The ability to fix this problem is what lands InstaSize on this list. This is the app for ensuring that your photo size can be scaled down to the format preferred by Instagram. Besides the resizing features, you can also use InstaSize to edit your photos (saturation, contrast etc.) and create collages with up to six photos. You can even add text to your photos or videos.


Take Your Videos to the Next Level with Storeo

The demand to consume video is growing rapidly, and social channels like Instagram are the most popular channels to distribute them on. Not only does video lead to the realization of marketing goals like improved ROI, it is also simply what the people want. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that you want to be using the best apps to edit your videos. Storeo is a pretty new app designed to make your Instagram Stories life a whole lot easier. When you record videos for your story, you may find yourself being especially aware of needing to stop every 15-second intervals so you can edit the long video together later. This can simply result in some very awkward silences or eye contact going on with the camera. This is where Storeo comes in, this app lets you pre-record your story video seamlessly. If you’d like to make a 45-second video, for instance, Storeo will let you record it in its entirety and make the 3 15 second videos for you. Plus, the recordings aren’t done with a mirror image. You can also convert videos you previously recorded and edited into Instagram Stories. So if you’re looking to improve your Instagram Stories, Storeo is the way to go.


Go Pro with Quik

This app was originally called Replay before it was acquired by GoPro. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be a GoPro owner to use this, the app allows you to work with videos captured by anything, including your phone. Quik lets you trim and reorder your videos or photos, and offers cool effects like slomo or speeding up your video. You can even use it to overlay text (and emojis) to your slides. IF you want to set the mood for your video using a song, that’s also possible. Quik has their own list of free songs you can choose from, but you can also use your own stuff.


Plan it All Out with Preppr

We, of course, can’t talk about apps without talking about Preppr. Use this app to take care of every single step involved in creating a post. You can upload your pictures or videos to your Preppr media library, and be able to see exactly which posts you’ve previously used or have scheduled. You even have a special library available where you can store your hashtags and captions for later use. Preppr provides you with a nice calendar to overview all your scheduled post, and you can opt to post manually or simply let Preppr post for you. Unlike other Instagram schedulers out there, Preppr is the only one that automatically posts for you without violating Instagram’s terms of use and policies. Handy, huh?


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