We’ve been hard at work for months now on creating and continually developing the perfect app: Your Instagram Sidekick. Since we first came up with the idea, our focus was to make sure we include all the features you told us that you couldn’t live without. All of our features and subsequent updates are based on ideas and feedback that we got from you, so we’re confident that Preppr can help you out in achieving your goals on Instagram. Curious how? We’ve listed 5 reasons below that tell you exactly what we can do for you!

Preppr Lets You Fully Automate Your

If you’re managing the accounts of multiple Instagram accounts, we understand that planning and posting can get pretty hectic at times. What happens if you need to post for 3 of them all at 9:00am? Even if you had multiple phones, you still only have the ability to post one at a time. That’s why we’re such big fans of fully automated posting. Once you plan your post, there is absolutely nothing left for you to do; we’ve got it all handled. We can even switch out the link in your account’s biography if necessary, something that is especially useful to accounts that focus on sending people to blog posts on a regular! Because we really mean it when we say that posting is fully automated, we’ve even included the first comment as part of the package. It’s now pretty common (and encouraged) to post all your hashtags in the first comment, so it was important that this was included in the possibilities that could be posted automatically as well.

Now we know what you’re thinking: isn’t automated posting against the rules? The answer to that question is simple: doing so via the Instagram API definitely is. And that’s something we don’t do. Preppr fully complies with Instagram’s Terms of Use since most of our processes get run through the AWS cloud service. If you’re curious to know more about this technical process, we explain how it works in our FAQ. Automated posting , in general,has gotten a bad rep, but the reasons accounts get suspended on Instagram is for posting inappropriate content or partaking in banned services like auto-commenting or auto-liking, and that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to take some of the work off your hands, not give you any more headache. 😉

All Your Accounts Under One Roof

When you sign up for our 30-day free trial of Preppr, we don’t put any limits on your posting. You are free to post an unlimited number of posts from as many Instagram accounts in your Preppr account as possible! After the trial and seeing how well Preppr can work for you, there are a few options for you to go forward with us. There are 4 different packages to choose from, and the only difference among them is based on how many Instagram accounts you need to manage at once.

So, let’s say that you are running your very own start up with your best friend. You’d only need our app for this one Instagram account, so your best bet is going for our “Selfie” package. If you find yourself wanting to manage two accounts, one for your brand and maybe another so that you can enjoy Preppr for your own personal account too, then we recommend our “Duo” package. Besides those, we also have “The Boss” package for 5 Instagram accounts, and our “Squad” package for managing up to 10 Instagram accounts at a time. Having all your accounts under one umbrella helps you to work much more efficiently and save you all the hassle of logging in and out between them.

Everything You Need: Saved!

As you manage more and more Instagram accounts, you’re going to eventually figure out exactly which hashtags and types of captions work for each one. And once you figure this recipe out, you’d of course want to save them in a convenient place. And guys, seriously, that’s not in a spreadsheet, Word document, or note that you have saved on your desktop. Preppr saves all your best hashtags and captions for you in a personal caption library in your account. That way you can easily retrieve and reuse them whenever you’d like to.

Besides your captions and hashtags, all media uploaded on the app gets stored in a media library. You can upload photos and videos from a Dropbox account, your computer, or Google Drive. Once everything is brought into the media library, it gets sorted between the media you’ve used and the media you haven’t. That way you have a quick overview of your posting history, so you can avoid re-using the same image multiple times.  Another good point to know is that both the caption library and the media library has no limit on the amount of content you can store in them. 🙂

Preview What’s Coming In Your Feed

You’re not going to just be posting blindly on Instagram. At this point, you know how important it is to create a cohesive feed that stays consistent in the imagery, tone and overall vibe. And to make sure this happens, you need to plan and be able to see in advance. Knowing this, we made sure to have a content calendar that updates itself automatically as you plan posts in. You then have the choice to see your posts on a weekly basis or even a monthly one if you plan particularly far in advance.

We also developed something special with our visual planner. How many times have you posted a photo to Instagram thinking that it fit perfectly with your previous posts, but then reality didn’t actually work out that way. To avoid that and the need to post and delete because of it, we created a visual planner that lets you preview your feed with the addition of the new post before you actually put it up on Instagram. That way, you see exactly how it’s going to change everything up and you can be sure that it is in line with your published content. The feature also has a ‘drag and drop’ function so you can play around with the order until you get the perfect one down pack.

Taken together… We save you a lot of time.

All the features that Preppr offers serve to increase your efficiency in managing the accounts of your brands (or your personal one)! We find it quite silly to hear how much time gets wasted on small stuff when that energy can be put into working on the actual marketing strategy for instance. Making sure your creative juices are constantly flowing to create amazing content, ensuring that you’re connecting with your followers, and optimizing your work to meet your goals is where your full focus should be directed to. Not on all the little technical pieces that go into posting on Instagram.

Preppr is available as an application (for Apple) and also on the desktop. So if you prefer to take a break from the phone and do everything on the computer, that’s all set up for you! We’d like our users to get the most out of Instagram without letting other aspects of their businesses suffer in the process. Also important is that users don’t end up sacrificing their personal lives as well. If you’re off the clock, you have all right to actually be off. This can only happen if these tasks are taken away from you, and that’s something we’re very happy to have made possible with Preppr. Managing multiple accounts is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it currently is. Preppr helps you to bring control back to your life and make you work faster, better and more efficiently.


We hope our tips will help you create better content for your brands, and make your life a whole lot easier! Now it’s time to put it into practice and start scheduling and auto-posting to Instagram with Preppr ?


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