Users are interacting with brands on Instagram way more than on any other social network. According to Forrester, brand interactions are 400% higher than that on Twitter or Facebook. Why is this important? Well, marketing has gotten more and more complex over the years. It’s not just a matter of supply and demand, or even having the perfect USP; it goes beyond that. It’s about the relationships built with customers and the associations you reinforce in their brains about your brand. And that’s why Instagram is such a key channel, it’s the place to engage with the public. So your Instagram strategy definitely needs to be on point, and this is exactly where Preppr wants to give you a helping hand.

There are a lot of steps that go into planning your Instagram strategy and making your brand successful on Instagram. If you’re randomly posting pictures because you find them cute and using the first hashtag you can think of at that particular moment, you’re probably going to have a bad time on Instagram. A proper strategy needs to be thought up in order to ensure you see growth in your number of followers and engagement. And in turn, convert those Instagram users to customers. We know this, and that’s why we’ve created Preppr so that you can have the ability to spend your time more efficiently in building your strategy and working on your brand online.

There’s No Strategy Without Planning

Effective marketing 101: don’t just wing it. If you’re running a business, you’ll think way in advance about how all the aspects that go into it are going to go. You have to do the same when it comes to your marketing plan and how Instagram fits right into it.

For the most part, your brand’s Instagram account should be used as a way to bring more of a personality to your business. But besides that goal, there are many other different ways you can utilize it. Some brands focus on driving sales straight out of the app. Accounts like @asos, for example, post photos of their products with the identification numbers right in the caption. This makes it easy for users to pop over to the website and find exactly what they’re looking for and want to buy.

But that’s not the only option you have, other accounts post solely user-generated content and rarely post about their products themselves. Their focus is solely connecting, communicating and representing a particular lifestyle. You can also use the account to gain subscribers. Whatever your plan is, the type of content you post and how you write your captions will be a reflection of it. That’s why it’s necessary to sit down and create a solid strategy and plan out how you will make it happen. This will ensure your business is running smoothly as it should and that your efforts aren’t going to waste.

Preppr Makes it Easy to Stick to the Plan

Once you’ve figured out how you want to plan the account and take care of the content creation aspects, all that’s left is putting it up on the ‘gram! We’ve spoken before about how important it is to plan your posts in advance to ensure that you develop a feed that is consistent and appealing. With the app, you’re able to store all your drafts in one place, schedule all your posts and preview the changes to your feed before posting. That way, you can see how each new post would affect your entire account structure.

You only have one shot to entice a user to follow your account when they first discover it. So those first 9-12 pictures need to leave a good impression. Being able to preview the feed before posting makes it possible for you to stay on brand and helps you immensely in ensuring the coherency of your Instagram feed. You don’t need to post and delete anymore because something that you thought fit well with your other posts actually didn’t in the end. Preppr takes the guesswork out of coming up with the order that you need to post. Consistency is guaranteed.

Spend More of your Time Engaging With Users

Without a plan in place, you might find yourself spending all your time thinking about what to post, what caption should be attached to it, or what hashtags you should include. Doing all of this eats up your available time and energy to actually engage with your target audience. By the time you’ve posted, we can understand that you may want to close Instagram for a while. And if you do, you may end up leaving behind comments that aren’t genuine and conducive to people writing back to you.  Using Preppr will help to save you time and energy, and just make sure that you’re in a good mood and ready to interact with users. A super important tactic for improving your engagement rate.

If you are using the scheduler, then your questions about what to post are answered immediately. You know way in advance what to post and what order to post it in. That’s one big chore already handled. Next to take care of are the hashtags and captions. Preppr has a handy caption library that stores your captions and hashtags for you. That way, it’s so easy to copy your best hashtags (after you’ve researched them) to new posts. And, hey, maybe you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want to add some new hashtags to your posts. That’s possible as well, we even suggest you which ones you should use depending on what you start writing. Make an account today and try it out for yourself, we dare you! 😉

With these handy features incorporated in the app, running the accounts of your brands don’t require much time at all. And that means that you only need to open Instagram on a regular to see what people are saying and talking right back to them.

P.S: Remember that engagement only isn’t about the activity under your posts, by the way, go and start some conversations of your own under the posts of people you think would be interested in your brand.

Taking the Time to Focus on the Important Things

The whole point of Preppr is to give users back the time they need to allow them to focus on the important things. All the small points that go into successfully running a brand’s Instagram account has a habit of adding up, and even sometimes being an annoyance. Have you ever needed to post content when you had a meeting to go to or during a weekend when you’d really like to be free? We’ve been there too. That’s why it was a no-brainer that we wanted to create an application that not only scheduled everything for you but also made it possible to post for you.

While getting notified about when it’s time to post is preferred by some, others may find that it breaks their concentration or invades too much into their lives. That’s why Preppr gives you the choice, you can schedule everything then choose whether you would like it to be posted automatically or manually. We’ll even switch the link in bio if necessary. With all these features, you can easily plan your Instagram and let it run itself for months at a time if that’s something you want!

These are just a few ways how Preppr will help you to improve your strategy on Instagram. And it’s still only just the beginning. Do you have another idea on how we can make it even easier for you? Talk to us via email ( or even shoot us a DM on Instagram or Facebook. We’re always here to listen to our users and design a product that suits their needs. So, why don’t you create an account, sit back, relax and let us take some of the work off your shoulders? It’s time to spend some more of your time strategizing, analyzing and optimizing your efforts instead of stressing over various pain-points in running Instagram!


We hope our tips will help you improve your Instagram strategy! Now it’s time to put it into practice and start scheduling and auto-posting to Instagram with Preppr ?

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