If you want to have a Merry Christmas this year, then start by asking Santa for inspiration to drizzle your Instagram Marketing Campaign with. Santa Preppr is also going to gift you with some awesome strategy tips and creative ideas that will make your Instagram as festive as it can be and your followers as jolly as they should be. These Holiday Instagram Marketing tips will get you fully prepared for the Christmas spirit and help you enter the new year with a newly found Instagram love (and new followers and new sales).

So if you’re ready to jiggle your hashtag bells (metaphorically, of course), let’s get started with the Holiday Instagram Marketing tips for an awesome and Christmasy strategy.

  • Deck your Instagram profile

Just like in real life, the Holidays spirit on Instagram starts with some awesome decorations. Yes, this is Holiday Instagram Marketing tip number 1 and it’s loads of fun: start decorating your profile and your posts.

But wait, what is considered a decoration on Instagram? Well, it depends. For us, emojis, hashtags, the link in bio, and the overall aesthetics of a profile can all become decorations. Of course, we enjoy things that look great, but we’re also looking for substance so make sure that you use these decorations as a way to make your profile festive, but also have them serve a purpose.

Holiday Instagram Marketing tips - Zara Home
Holiday Instagram Marketing tips – Zara Home
  • Post for good

Posting for good causes it should be a thing to consider all year round, but since the holidays and Christmas do make us more inclined to help others, we believe you should definitely take advantage of this feeling.  And your business should too.

Thus, our Holiday Instagram Marketing tip no. 2 is to market for a cause. Whether you’re promoting a service, a product (maybe more?) or yourself, backing up a cause that speaks true to your core values will not only help others but it will help your engagement.  

  • Holiday Sales and Discounts

While sales and discounts are classical marketing strategies that can be worked into your campaigns all year round, the Holidays allow for some celebratory creativity. So, start thinking about sales and discounts in more creative terms to uphold to our Holiday Instagram Marketing tip no. 3.

Holiday Instagram Marketing tips - Holiday Sales and Discounts
Holiday Instagram Marketing tips – Holiday Sales and Discounts


To get more creative, think about wrapping your offers and presenting them as Christmas gifts, Secret Santa specials or any other kind of holiday-related mechanisms you might think of. Whatever your creativity tells you, make it fun and engaging. Use posts, but also tap into the power of Instagram Stories and, if you’re feeling lucky, even try IGTV.

Holiday Instagram Marketing tips -
Holiday Instagram Marketing tips –
  • Hop on a holiday hot debate

Even if the holidays are meant to unite, the Internet has been made for debates. And Instagram is no exception. People love a good ‘choose your side’ question and the engagement is guaranteed. So gather round the metaphorical Christmas tree and start brainstorming question ideas for the holidays, just like our Holiday Instagram Marketing tip no. 4 suggests. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. natural Christmas tree vs. artificial Christmas tree
  2. regifting: ok or a big no-no
  3. pumpkin cake or carrot cake
  • Make the most out of Instagram’s new shopping tools

If you haven’t yet heard the news, you should rush to read all about the 3 new shopping tools Instagram casually introduced at the perfect timing. Why the perfect timing? Well, because the holidays are the peak of wishlists. And, in the rush for the perfect holiday gifts, these new shopping tools will enable you not only to engage followers but also to simplify their purchase process. Here’s what the 3 new shopping tools are all about:

The ‘shop tab’, conveniently located directly on your profile, allows you to redirect followers to your products.

The ‘video shopping’ feature enables you to tag your products and draw your followers in engaging narratives that can get them one step closer to actually purchasing.

Last, but definitely not least, the ‘shopping collection’ feature allows followers to clutter together all their favorite products.

So, as you might have guessed, Holiday Instagram Marketing tip no. 5 suggests you dig deep into these amazing tools.

  • Show what’s happening behind the scenes

Nothing brings followers closer to your business than the feeling that there’s some soul in what you do. And the best way to send across this idea is to show what’s happening behind the scenes. Sure, your Instagram profile might be prepped with the Christmas spirit showcasing your products or services. However, if you want to move a step closer to your followers, then you have to open up. So, for our Holiday Instagram Marketing tip no. 6 we encourage you to invite followers to the backstage of your business.

  • Schedule your posts in advance with Preppr

The Holidays are a busy period indeed. With all the strategizing and post creation, when will you have time to enjoy Christmas yourself? Well, be prepared to be Preppr-d! Because with Preppr you can schedule in advance all the posts you need to implement your awesome strategy. And, while that ‘’Happy Holidays” greeting will appear in your followers feed, you might as well be far away from your phone or laptop, enjoying some well-deserved greetings yourself. So schedule Instagram posts with Preppr and have an awesome Christmas!

Holiday Instagram Marketing tips -
Holiday Instagram Marketing tips –
  • Be generous with your Instagram tactics and tools

In the official season of giving, give all that you’ve got on Instagram, but do it in a diverse manner. Sure, use the classical Instagram posts, but don’t forget to tap into Instagram Stories and IGTV as well. Tag, hashtag, use influencers, repost, smart use the shopping tags and have loads of fun. Yes, fun is the main ingredient. Because if you’re enjoying what you’re creating, your followers will do too. And we believe this is a great Holiday Instagram Marketing tip to wrap up with.

Ready for some Happy Holidays?

If you feel ready to take in the holiday spirit, make sure to download Preppr (if you haven’t already) and start spreading the joy!

Holiday Instagram Marketing tips
Holiday Instagram Marketing tips

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