Look at your calendar. What day is it? But more importantly, what year? That’s right, it’s 2018 and nobody can’t deny the power of social media anymore. Actually, nobody can deny the fact that Instagram results are visible not only in a business’s image, but also in its sales. Thus, no matter if you’re running a small boutique, a retail brand or an e-commerce business, Instagram should become a staple of your online strategy.

And, by all means, don’t take our word for it. Turn to the statistics. They never lie. And here’s what the statistics say:

  • 60% of Instagram users declared they discover new products with the help of the platform
  • 72% of Instagram users purchased something after seeing it on the platform
  • Instagram users are 70% more inclined to purchase through their mobile
  • Instagram has the highest interaction rate out of all the social media platforms: 2,2%

Now that we’ve got your full attention, here’s how you can make the most out of these statistics:

Create a strategy that includes shoppable posts

We said advanced strategies, okay? So, while we perfectly agree that you must do all the Instagram basics right (craft a comprehensive Instagram bio and make use of the included links constantly, create a long-term strategy for a cohesive feed, attract and engage Instagram followers and so on). But today we’re going to talk about those extra tactics that will get you those extra sales. So, if you need to refresh your mind, scroll our blog. However, if you’re ready to dive into the deep end, read on.

Instagram recently launched shoppable posts on Instagram. That means that in any photo you post you can tag your products. And that means you can ease the way your followers reach your items and finally make that purchase. Just imagine a follower scrolling down Instagram, seeing a stunning picture they really, really dig and being able to see where to buy the products with just a tap. That’s exactly what the shoppable post feature does.

Right now, the feature is available for a limited number of countries, but don’t be shy to plan ahead. But don’t just post a bunch of random pictures with your products clustered as if there’s no tomorrow. Instead, make sure you tell a story. A story that is true to your aesthetics and brand voice. Don’t be afraid to be dynamic, to be authentic and to think outside the box. For a step by step tutorial on how to create shoppable posts, we’ve got you covered.

Make user-generated content your ace in the sleeve

Most brands focus all their efforts on creating relevant content. And that’s great! But if you want to raise engagement rates, increase your reach and boost your sales, then you should also focus on your followers and their content. Oh, not only focus. But actually put it into the spotlight on your profile.

How? First of all, you need to tag, tag, tag. Okay, we might have gotten a bit over ourselves. Tag, but with a purpose and only when it’s relevant. Make sure you have the permission of the follower or that they won’t mind being tagged.

Secondly, let’s get to the user-generated content itself. You should turn to reposting (read more about how to repost with style) as often as you find a user post that does your product justice. Not only will your feed look more authentic, but your products will gain more credibility. In addition, you’ll reach new prospect followers (hence, buyers) and have more chances to drive in sales.

Be smart about your posting schedule

When it comes to driving in sales and the best results, nothing can be left out to chance. And the times you post are of the utmost importance if you want to squeeze every chance out of your posts and make that sale. Thus, the first step before starting to make any step, is to do your research. Research your audience, research the times they’re most active at, research their habits and note everything down.

With the info placed before you, continue your research. You thought this was it, right? Guess again. The research is never over! Make sure to also read as much as possible about the average best posting times on Instagram. And, when you’re finally ready with a plan, also check Preppr.

Preppr will help you to post everything in advance and be worry free. And it will also help you with “best time to post” suggestions. Scheduling posts in advance is fundamental to a successful strategy as it enables you to put things in perspective and gain precious time. Instead of sporadically working on your Instagram account, you’ll be able to solve more of your tasks in just one sitting.

Get to work!

Because practice is the best teacher, get down to business. Instagram Business that is. Oh, not before you get your Preppr sidekick, of course!

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Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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