Today, Instagram is the best social media platform to promote e-commerce business. And if you want your company to succeed, you should use this platform wisely.

If it has happened that your Instagram growth is “stuck”, you should fix it. In this article, you will find nine brilliant solutions on how to revive your business profile and gain more followers.

Positive Vibes Only

Take a look at photos in your e-commerce Instagram profile and answer the questions. Do models, who advertise your products, look happy? Do they sincerely smile or laugh?

If models look indifferent, sad, or angry, it’s terrible for your business. Models with “poker faces” can’t help to promote your products in social media.

Remember that Instagram is a platform that people use to share the best moments of their lives. Instagram is all about happiness and smiles, not about sorrow and indifference.

Scientists state that photos of smiling people help to double marketing efforts. So make sure that every photo you publish has positive vibes.

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Change Background of Product Photos

White background product photos will not help you to build audience engagement and loyalty on Instagram. Do you know why? Because these photos look more like ads, and less like the valuable content. And as you know, users hate intrusive advertising.

So try to think out of the box and find a new way to present your products. Use unordinary backgrounds, play with the lighting, and change the settings. Your product photo should look like a masterpiece of modern art.

Take a look at the following post created by Rue21. The photographer used a light-blue swimming pool water background instead of a standard white one. It’s a brilliant idea for shooting fashion items for spring and summer, isn’t it?

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Comment on Customers’ Posts

Instagram is not just a platform, where you can share photos of your products. It’s also a great place to communicate with your target audience.

If your customers have some specific queries about your products, you can’t leave them without reply. You should create Instagram posts that address the most popular questions.

Here is an example. Starbucks got lots of comments and tweets, where customers were asking to bring S’mores Frappuccino back. The company used a few of these tweets to announce that this drink will be on sale again.

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Create Funny Quotes or Memes

Does your Instagram profile contain only product photos? Well, it’s not enough to engage your target audience. Try to add meaningful quotes, hilarious memes, or any other entertaining content.

If you need the inspiration to update your profile, take a look at Ventana Boutique profile. This fashion company follows a very simple scheme: it publishes one quote + five product photos. As a result, Ventana Boutique’s profile looks catchy and memorable. If you believe that this scheme will be a perfect fit for your company, don’t hesitate to use it.

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Add More Videos

No matter which niche you operate and what kind of product you sell. You should add video content to your e-commerce Instagram profile. It will help you to reach a wider audience and to boost engagement.

The first step you should take is to start using short product videos instead of ordinary product photos. The length of the video should be around ten seconds. This time is enough to grab the audience attention.

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Share Sneak Peeks

To make your e-commerce Instagram profile popular again, you should create customer curiosity. And the easiest, yet the most effective way to do it, is to post a sneak peek.

Your customers want to know everything about your company and your brand. And if you show how you produce, pack, and shoot your products, you will win their attention.

It will help you to increase the reach and achieve your marketing goals. Also, it will positively influence customer loyalty. Behind-the-scenes photos and videos will convince followers that they can trust the quality of your products.

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Write a Winning Bio

Now it’s time to take a look at your bio. Does it provide comprehensive information about your company? Does it contain your branded hashtag and link to your website?

It’s important to understand that your bio is the first thing users see when visiting your Instagram profile. So it should contain information that grabs the attention immediately. If your product was featured in a magazine, or if your company won a business award, feel free to mention it. Also, make sure that bio is free from typos and spelling errors. Proofread the text using online tools such as Grammarly or Trust My Paper.

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Spread New Ideas

If you want to revive your Instagram profile, inspire your followers to use your products in a new way. Come up with an idea on how to encourage them to buy your products in larger quantities.

Let’s consider the following example. Unicorn Super Foods sells nutritional superfood powders. Most customers buy these colorful powders to add them to smoothies and dessert only.

But the point is that these superfoods can be added to literally any food. To boost consumption and drive sales, the company started publishing photos of colorific noodles, sushi, and summer rolls. It inspired customers to try to cook new colorful meals, so they began to buy more powders than before.

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Educate Your Target Audience

It is necessary not only to entertain your target audience but also teach and educate it. You should provide pieces of advice, results of scientific studies, and opinions of the experts. It will help you to accomplish two goals: increase engagement and gain loyalty.

For instance, if you sell men’s clothes, you can explain to your audience how to choose the tie or cufflinks. If you operate in the fitness industry, you can teach your audience to cook healthy meals. You should define the topics, which are the most interesting for your customers, and discuss them in details.

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In Conclusion

If your current social media marketing strategy doesn’t work effectively, don’t waste your time. Implement the changes as soon as possible.

Add new type of content, write catchy captions, improve your bio – do everything possible to meet the expectations of your customers. Watch the trends and keep your content strategy up-to-date. It will help your company to achieve success in the long run.


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