Looking for some cheerful and designish Instagram Story templates for the holidays? Well cheer up, we’ve got you!

With the merry season just around the corner, you need to jingle the bells of your Instagram holiday campaign even louder. 

If you listened to our advice and hopped on this year’s holiday shopping trends, you’re already running at full-speed.

Still, there’s always room for more inspiration. In case you haven’t yet prepared your Instagram Stories for the season, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of festive Instagram Story templates for the holidays that will be the cherry on top of your campaign.

Tempates.net: Happy New Templates to Everybody!

Template.net is a platform that, just as the name suggests, has tens of thousands of easy-to-edit templates for everything from stories to posts, emails, newsletters, flyers, menus and even invoices. In fact, you might never need another template again. 

The best part though? On template.net you can find a handful of selected and versatile Instagram Story templates for the holidays. You can personalize each with custom texts, colours and even with your logo. Of course, if you’re feeling mighty creative, you can go ahead and transform each template completely!

The Instagram Story holiday templates are great for sharing your winter promos or offers. In a jiffy, you’ll have an entire campaign lined up and ready to roll.

You can use the free version of the platform, which includes 3 daily downloads or you can upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy more templates and benefits.

Creative Tacos: When Templates Meet Flavour

This next template Christmas dish is best served with some Photoshop knowledge. Creative Tacos promises to bring independent creative professionals — that also means you 😉 — a daily scoop of creativity. And what better gift could you get for Christmas is you’re a social media manager or e-commerce entrepreneur?

Crello gathers design resources from independent creators and shares them with the entire community. In addition to templates, Creative Tacos has a wide collection of fonts, mockups, graphics, icons and add ons.

If you’re not afraid to open Photoshop, you can download Creative Taco’s free Christmas Instagram Story templates and create some amazing visuals. The templates are perfect for local stores, start-ups or clothing brands.

Crello: The Gift Of Creativity

Crello is a design platform with an entire category dedicated to social media. So, if you’re looking to up your design game on Instagram, this is definitely for you. It’s simple to navigate dashboard means you’ll be able to customize any template in just minutes and get it ready for publishing. And everything happens online, with no need to download or install anything on your laptop or mobile.

Crello’s Instagram Story holiday template collection is one among the most versatile you’ll find on the web.

 With a tens of colors, fonts and layouts, the templates can fit any business on Instagram. So, no matter if you’re running a challenge, a quiz, a giveaway or a cheerful holiday offer campaign, Crello can help you design the right story in under 10 minutes.

Even influencers can have a go and use them to sprinkle even more holiday cheer among their followers.

The basic, unpaid plan allows for only 10 downloads. Still, these might be just the right amount for your holiday campaign. And if you fall in love with Crello, you can upgrade at any time!

Canva, A Classical Success Story for Templates

Stylish, easy and free  — that’s how Canva describes their design tool. And, truth be told, they hit the sweet spot every time. 

For this winter season, Canva plans to wash away the 2020 blues with some holiday templates that have flair! If you’re short on time, but eager to get creative, you can sort your Instagram Story design needs by creating templates in just a few minutes.

Canva also allows for team work. It provides a collaborative tool that gathers your whole marketing team around the same drawing board. You can design and make changes as a team, eliminating any wasted time. Because, hey, after all you want to enjoy as much as possible from your holiday campaign!

Bannersnack, you won’t ever want to go back

Bannersnack took off in 2008 with one simple idea: to give people and businesses the chance to design their own online banners, in just minutes and without effort.

Now, more than a decade after, they’ve grown and offer a variety of templates for all types of promo materials. Social media templates are, of course, included. With Bannersnack’s online editor you can easily customize your very own Instagram Story, with just the right brand elements. 

The reason why we love Bannersnack so much is that it has one of the most complex online editors. You can customize the Instagram Story templates with visual elements, as well as animated transitions, fonts, colours and many, many more elements. Plus, you can easily resize the template to use it for posts or stories and thus create a cohesive campaign.

Bannersnack gathers a ton of holiday templates that can be used as Instagram Stories or as posts. However, bear in mind that the free version only comes with limited benefits and downloads. To enjoy the full power of Bannersnack, you’ll have to subscribe. However, it’s truly a gift your business deserves!

Get creative with your Instagram Stories!

Now you have all the tools you need to start building amazing holiday stories. So get to it!

And in case you need a social media sidekick, Preppr is here to help you schedule your posts for the holidays. After all, you too deserve some free time with your loved ones. 2020 has been one hell of a year!


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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