Hella, boss girls around the world and, more specifically, on Instagram. You hustle every day to tick the objectives on your to-do lists and then some more. Actually, nobody hustles on Instagram quite like you do. You’re gaining followers who show you love at every post and who are dying to see your Instagram Stories. But, because you have the heart of a lioness and the mind of an entrepreneur, you know that you cannot do it all by yourself. You have to delegate. And for that, you need loyal subjects.

Luckily, in the online world, there are plenty of apps and hacks that can be your faithful little helpers. And, if you’re doing so great now, just imagine how well you’d be doing with an extra boost. Here are the top tools that can not only make your Instagram efforts easier, but they can help you improve your results. You’ll absolutely love them, no doubt about it!


Every boss girl needs an app to work magic on her photos. After all, Instagram is the wonderland of visual creativity and you should take its reigns, no doubt. And if you want users to become your faithful followers, then you need to make sure your posts and Instagram Stories are visually stunning or as funky as they can be!

Snapseed is Google’s very own, on-the-go, rapid and powerful photo editor. It’s simple to use and intuitive, yet it can help you edit like a pro. With dozens of edit options such as tunning photos, tweaking contrast adding text, embellishing with frames and many more, you’ll make your Insta photos pop in no time. Snapseed also has a few “looks” for you to choose from if you want a ready-made filter.

Snapseed Menu


PicsArt is another powerful in your pocket photo editor, drawing tool, collage maker, filter expert app perfect for the boss girl who wants perfect pictures. Whoa, glad we captured all the features with one breath. PicsArt has some awesome filters that can set you apart, and a ton of other useful features that can help you edit a picture from start to finish. Its library is quite impressive and extensive and it offers great editing freedom. The only downside is that the ads in the app can become quite obnoxious.



If you’re a typography boss girl lover and like your copy on your photos, let Over…well, take over. Over is an app that does “text on photos” like no other app. It has multiple fonts for you to choose from (including cursive), and a ton of options for editing the text. Of course, Snapseed and PicsArt also offer the possibility of adding text to photos. But if you want a straightforward, no distractions app that solely focuses on text, over is the one to choose over any other.



Run all your Instagram contests like the boss girl you are! Meaning in style and in total control, using WooBox. The smart platform can help you handle your marketing campaigns in a fun and interactive way. With more than 4 million brands using it, there’s no doubt WooBox is doing something right. Actually, it’s doing a lot of things right:

  • manage giveaways in the form of coupons and instant wins
  • create and keep a firm stir on photos, video and hashtag contests
  • play with polls, quizzes and other funky games
  • create landing pages in a snap and add some forms just like that

With WooBox by your side, you’ll be able to conquer statistics: increase the number of your followers and gain valuable leads that can easily be transformed into clients.



If you’ve ever felt that you’d like your videos on Instagram Stories to last more than 15 seconds, this app is definitely your lucky card. Storeo is a kick-ass app that breaks off timing limitations. After all, you’re a boss girl who needs to express herself.

And now you won’t have to think inside the 15 seconds box. Yes, gurl, go ahead and record a video that’s as long as you want. Then, upload to Storeo and tap Export. Storeo will do its job and give you video slices of 15 seconds. Once you’ve got your slices of fame, simply upload them to your Instagram Stories one by one and voila. You’ll have your entire video!


Display Purposes

Hashtags on Instagram are the salt and pepper of a successful marketing strategy. Using the right ones c

an land you new followers and boost your engagement rates. However, you might sometimes get stuck in a routine, using the same hashtags over and over again.

Display Purposes helps you mix things up and discover new relevant hashtags. Think about it as your inspiration muse that has done some serious research and is up to date with the most popular hashtags on Instagram. To work its magic, you simply have to visit their website and introduce your keyword. Display Purposes will immediately generate a list of hashtags that exclude banned hashtags.



AutoHash is another tool that can help you find hashtags when you’re running dry on inspiration or simply want to bulletproof your strategy. Combining the power of human research with a computer algorithm, AutoHash analyses photos to find the most suited hashtags. The only downside is that the app is currently available only for Android. A shame for iPhone users who are definitely missing out. But hey, iPhone babes, rock your hashtag game with Display Purposes.



If you want to have more than just a “feel” about how your Instagram strategies are hitting their target, Ink361 helps you have a stir hand. With this great web app you can monitor comments, likes, followers AND manage messages. And if you like things to work great but look great as well, Ink361 is also incredibly hip, with a dashboard that sorts out all the analytics. Oh, and you can even sneak peek on specific accounts and how they’re doing. You know, keep your friends close and you Instagram competitors even closer.


You’re a busy boss girl, so you need to be as smart as possible about your schedule. Most importantly, you should be the only one dictating what to do and when to do it. So are you willing to let posting at exact hours ruin your schedule and rule your day? We guessed so.

Preppr is an iOS app and desktop platform that allows for direct publishing and post automation. With Preppr, you can schedule your posts in advance. To give you an extra helping hand, it also suggests the best times for you to post in order to increase engagement. And, since the aesthetic can make or break your odds of success, a visual planner is included for you to make sure your feed looks stunning. Oh, not to forget, Preppr also supports multiple Instagram accounts management according to your subscription plan.



Your bio is your Kingdom’s jewel and the place where potential followers make up their minds. And, equally important, it contains the link that makes all your campaigns actionable. But constantly changing your bio link to suit your campaigns can soon become a pain in the…” keyboards”.

Linktree takes the nuisance away by offering you one single link to contain them all. A practical boss girl like you should recognize just how convenient that is. Actually, it’s an awesome way to bring your Instagram traffic on track. With one link you can send followers to multiple destinations and manage everything without a sweat.



Video is the “it” thing right now. You’re the “it” boss girl, so you’re doing all the right moves to post quality video content. Kapwing can make your life a lot easier. The modern editor can turn videos, GIFs, and even images into professional looking materials in no time. Now you can add subtitles to your video, make montages, collages, play with filters and tweak and play with tons of editing options. What’s more, it also has a ton of other useful features specifically created for Instagram.



Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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