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Save Valuable Time With A Social Media Scheduler

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Having a social media scheduler on hand has become a staple for any content creator or social media manager. So, if you’re not already using one, it’s time to hop on the train and level up your social media strategy. 

There are many benefits to using a social media scheduler for your posts. At the very least, it saves you valuable time and gives you the flexibility to complete other tasks, which can make a huge difference in your life! 

This blog will explain why scheduling your posts in advance is a good idea. We’ll also share our best practices for using a social media scheduler, specifically our Preppr scheduler

Why Use A Social Media Scheduler To Schedule Your Posts In Advance?

There are many reasons why you should consider using a social media scheduler to plan your posts. These are some of the main ones we find valuable:

Promotes cross-platform consistency

If anybody knows anything about social media (and we’re guessing you do since you’re reading this awesome blog), consistency is key

Your followers like it when you have a consistent posting flow so you want to post at the same or similar times weekly. When you do this, they know when to check out your page for new content, which can encourage regular engagement.

A scheduler ensures your stick to your posting times across channels. Instead of going to each social media channel you use one by one, you can use your scheduler to plan posts across your Facebook and Instagram.

Saves time and increases flexibility

Having to manually schedule your posts daily can mess with your flow and prevent you from completing other activities. It can be a time-consuming process that interrupts your productivity.

When you batch schedule your posts in advance, you don’t factor manual posting into your day-to-day task list. Do it once and let the posts go off on their own for a while.

It also increases your daily flexibility. You don’t have to stay up late for those late night posts or get up at the crack of dawn for early morning posts. 

When you knock off at the end of the day, you can focus on whatever you do in your spare time. No need to anxiously whip out your laptop or phone in the middle of dinner, “Oops, I forgot to upload today’s post on social media!”

Boosts your organization and content planning

Another major element of a great social media presence is content. Content control, creation, and organization all matter. Using a social media scheduler helps you stay on top of all your content activities.

You can organize everything in one place, giving you better visibility over what’s up on the content front. A scheduler acts as a calendar, showing you which content will go live on which days. And the lovely thing is that this is a view of your content across channels.

With this visibility, you can better plan to fill the blank spots in your calendar. You also get a sense of the type of content you have so you can create exciting content for different days.

Using Preppr’s Social Media Scheduler

Like what you hear about scheduling and don’t know where to find the best scheduling tool for your socials? Don’t worry! We’ve created an intuitive platform that caters to all your scheduling needs for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can use Preppr to:

5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Social Media Scheduling

It sounds magical, right, having all this control over your content sharing? You could become a social media expert in no time! 

Here are five tips to use to get the best out of your scheduler:

1. Know the best posting times

We’ve already mentioned the importance of posting times so we won’t go into it too much. It’s good to know when your audience engagement is at its highest by learning the best times to post. 

Preppr’s scheduler gives you these times so you can increase your content’s impressions and other analytics.

For more general guidelines to follow, though, check out our blogs:

2. Plan optimized cross-platform content

Different platforms have different requirements for content including media sizing, limited text, etc. 

To ease your scheduling, optimize your content for various platforms in the creation stage. For example, create images and videos that fit each platform’s dimensions. That way, you can simply upload it all at once and multi-schedule across your social media.

3. Track your analytics

Analytics also help you understand whether your scheduled times work. You can see when people engage most with posts. Are your posting times working?

Another aspect analytics can help you with is learning which content does best with your audience. Most scheduling tools come with analytics for each post so you can see which content your followers enjoy. This can guide you on what kind of content to create more of.

4. Create convenient libraries

Preppr allows you to have content libraries linked to your scheduler. That way, you can easily upload images and videos for a post. This is super convenient, especially when working from different devices and don’t have all your media across devices.

The caption library is for post caption ideas. You can save draft captions, reusable ones, and caption inspirations for future use. You can also keep some of your favorite hashtags in this library for use later. And we all know what a good hashtag can do for your discoverability and reach!

5. Preview

Lastly, you should preview your posts. Platforms like Instagram are all about design and aesthetics so it will benefit you to see how posts will look next to one another. 

With the visual foresight previewing gives you, you can schedule your posts so they look fantastic together.

Get Scheduling!

Scheduling your posts with a social media scheduler can do wonders for your social media management. It can improve consistency, increase your flexibility, and give you better control over your content. It saves you precious time! And, of course, time is money!

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